Fitness Myths – Skinny Does Not Equal Fit

The Myth Of Weight Loss And Fitness

Most of us labor under the delusion that if we can get rid of the excess weight we’re carrying around, that we will be somehow more fit, and we look at becoming skinny as a major accomplishment when it comes to achieving our fitness goals. The fact of the matter is quite different, however; it isn’t so much the weight you are carrying around, but rather the characteristics of that weight.  We’re talking how much fat is involved, where it is located…..that is what matters the most.

Scientists at the Mayo Clinic made this discovery, which will no doubt come as a welcome relief for those stressing over not being able to become thin as a needle.  After making a comparison of the weights and body masses of thousands of adults, they discovered that those with normal weights and BMIs actually had high body fat percentages as well as heart and metabolic disturbances. This basically means that they have the same risks for coronary disease, diabetes, and other chronic illness as those people who weighed what would be considered much more.

This has resulted in the establishment of a new condition known as normal weight obesity (NWO), which is more than just a fat phobia, but rather a measure of the accumulation of fat in the body that gradually damages tissue and blood vessels. If you want to garner a better appreciation for your weight and what it means for your fitness goals, perform the following steps:

Skinny does not always mean fit, in fact, there is a healthy balance of fat that should be applauded.

Don’t obsess over the pounds. Total weight is just one general assessment of overall health, so make sure that the numbers are within a healthy BMI range, but don’t hang your hat on just that one result. There may be hidden problems that still need addressing.

Measure body fat. If your weight is fairly normal but your waist measures more than 35-40 inches, then you may have problems waiting to happen such as NWO. For exact readings, have your doctor measure your body fat.

Get a blood test. Have your doctor order a blood analysis at your next physical, looking for signs of NWO such as low cholesterol, along with elevated triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

The Real World Results

Get rid of belly fat. If you have been diagnosed with NWO, you need to take aim at visceral fat. No matter how hard it may seem to achieve, you can lose it. Avoid white foods such as bread, rice, pasta, and other refined carbs, and add monounsaturated fats to your diet, as they target belly fat.

Keep track of said fat. Have your body fat measured periodically so you know how you are doing, or just watch where you find yourself having to buckle your belt. Continue to eat smart and exercise, and accept your body for what it is at this stage of your life. A few pounds are not always a bad thing. It does not make you automatically unhealthy. Fat and healthy are no longer mutually exclusive.

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