Protecting Your Commercial Refrigerator (Refrigeration Equipment Leasing)

Refrigeration Equipment Leasing And Your Operations

A refrigeration system can be the backbone of any restaurant operation, and when that stops working it will not take long for the entire system to grind to a halt. And as sure as the sun comes up in the morning, it will fail on a weekend when maintenance may or may not be available, or it will collapse during one of your busiest times.

Fortunately, good refrigeration can be maintained by following a few common sense rules of the road, designed to keep things moving and working at peak efficiency. Try these on for size in order to head off the potential for disaster at your place of business.

Get rid of dust in the condenser. Dust that accumulates on compressor coils will effectively impede the unit’s ability to function properly.  Your electric bill goes up because the unit is having to work harder and draw more power just to keep up with what is being asked of it. Burned out compressors are a good argument in favor of refrigeration equipment leasing, since it provides for the repair or replacement of damaged parts.

Refrigeration equipment leasing is one way to ensure that your restaurant has the best quality components that are available.

Keep a lid on acidic foods. Food safety standards require that all food in your refrigeration system be covered, as this prevents any cross contamination that may occur otherwise.  There are high levels of acidity in many foods that may also play a part in the corrosion of the unit. Tomatoes, pickles, and other foods that are high in acid are perfectly capable of eating through refrigerant lines over an extended period. Use storage containers that are well sealed.

Drains should be kept clear, as these serve as the pathway for all interior condensation to escape. Excess liquid is deposited in a drip pan where it is heated and evaporated. Blocked drains mean this water has nowhere to go, creating floods within the unit and creating a harsh environment for the condensers to work properly.  Clean the drain of your refrigerator on a daily basis to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Refrigeration Inspections Are Vital

Finally be sure to check the gaskets, the rubber seal that holds in the colder temps. A broken or worn gasket can cause quite a difference in your electric and utility bills. Once air begins escaping, the compressor has to start working harder to maintain temperatures, which will eventually burn out the coils. Check gaskets every week, and if any part is peeling away from the door, or not sealing flush when the door is closed, then you should replace the gasket immediately.

Refrigeration equipment leasing is one sure way of making sure that you have the best possible refrigeration units and components for your restaurant, as well as having a plan in place to take care of them when they fail. LeaseQ is a refrigeration equipment leasing provider, and able to handle both small independent restaurants as well as large scale food chains when it comes to their restaurant and refrigeration equipment leasing needs.