Specialty Restaurant Equipment Leasing and Fast-Casual Dining…

Specialty Restaurant Equipment Leasing

In the recent economic downturn, one of the areas where Americans took a hit was in the practice of eating out. Restaurant sales began to suffer almost overnight, and the effects are still being felt today. In fact, only a very small percentage of dining establishments demonstrated any appreciable increase in sales last year.  What is more disturbing is that this data only applies to major chains, and many independent locations are struggling even more to get by.  The specialty restaurant equipment leasing industry does what it can to provide owners with options designed to preserve capital, but the end result is still nebulous in many cases.

One area of the restaurant scene that has shown improvement is that area of the restaurant chain that is one step above fast food, and one step below fine dining. It is recognized in the industry as “fast-casual” restaurants.  This is a niche that has come out of nowhere over the last 25 years, namely as a result of an aging population, with more income, and looking for better quality food than what is typically found “on the run”.  Today there are more than 400 chains that would be described as “fast casual.” The specialty restaurant equipment leasing industry has stepped up to service this new and exciting trend through the provision of plans designed to equip these establishments for business.

A sluggish economy and older demographic have given birth to the concept of “fast casual” dining.

Fast-casual restaurants provide an attractive alternative to fast food, with better quality burgers, sandwiches, and burritos with correspondingly higher prices, but in a much nicer locale than the neighborhood burger-rama.  At the same time, it falls below the pricier outings afforded by higher end restaurant chains.  One of the biggest success stories is Panera Bread, which applies the economics of scale to the regular bakery with major success.

The Fast-Casual Effect 

Fast-casual chains are benefitting from a demographic that will continue to turn in their favor over the next two decades, as well as the monetary savings offered by specialty restaurant equipment leasing options. The sluggish economy will also work in their favor as Americans look for the most bang for their dining out bucks.

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