Wholesale Restaurant Equipment Leasing

Leasing restaurant equipment has become the newest wave for entrepreneurs looking to equip their establishments properly, with a minimum of capital expended, and wholesale restaurant equipment leasing offers additional benefits. Funds saved by leasing allow restaurant owners to spend money on other projects such as expansion or additional personnel.

Ownership of equipment does not produce revenue, but rather the use of that equipment that is the most productive. Wholesale restaurant equipment leasing is most often the least expensive way to go.

The benefits are many, including the conservation of capital, where cash remains untouched and available for use elsewhere.  The end result is an improved cash flow and tax savings due to deductions for business expense. The more money the restaurant is able to hold onto, the better their chances for success and growth.

Wholesale restaurant equipment also offers better terms across the board, at fixed rates, and for a longer period of time as opposed to bank financing and large downpayments. One monthly rental can cover the entire cost of the equipment.

It becomes much easier to allocate costs of individual pieces of equipment or systems because there are no hidden costs in the wholesale process. Leasing also prevents credit lines from being reduced, as opposed to financing which has a direct impact on the borrower’s available credit line.

Wholesale restaurant equipment leasing also means that lease payments may be entered as footnotes on balance sheets and will not increase your liabilities like a loan does. This is most important when it comes to your ability to obtain future credit.

Wholesale restaurant equipment leasing is a viable option for obtaining needed operational materials and minimizing costs.

Wholesale restaurant equipment leasing can in many cases allow for the creation of additional financial room for monthly rentals, since it is treated as an expense rather than an expenditure of capital. This is just one of many ways that leasing frees up money for other projects.

Probably the best reason for this approah is that it may be acquired and completed even in cases where conventional financing is unavailable or cannot be secured.

Obviously there are a number of ways the wholesale restaurant equipment leasing can aid your restaurant operation, and as such it is something that should be thoroughly investigated before making final decisions concerning money.

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