#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into a latte?

In case you haven’t heard, today is National Gourmet Coffee Day! We wanted to celebrate not only by sipping on our coffees, but also by taking inventory all of the equipment that goes into your favorite coffee shop’s latte. Whether you prefer vanilla, peppermint or pumpkin spice, all lattes require specific equipment to create the perfect end result.

Coffee1Coffee shops must have an espresso machine, a refrigerator for milk and a milk steamer to froth the latte. In addition, each store needs shelving for coffee cups and grounds, and point of sale (POS) equipment to create and sell the perfect latte. Multiply that by the number of stores across your favorite coffee shop chain, and that’s a lot of equipment #BehindYourBusiness.

Be sure to make a trip (or two) to your favorite local coffee shop today, and if you’re a coffee shop owner, give us a ring. No matter how you celebrate, happy #NationalGourmetCoffeeDay!