LeaseQ Dealer Spotlight: Conrad Hibbert, Sales & Facility Design Manager, Perform Better

Tell us about yourself and Perform Better.

Perform Better, at its core, provides functional training equipment to individuals and fitness facilities, but also goes beyond that with a dedicated Facility Design team. I began working with Perform Better in 2004 as a part of that team. Whether you are opening a small personal training gym or a major strength & conditioning facility, Perform Better’s Fitness Facility Design Team will work with you from layout to installation to create the fitness facility design that best meets your needs and budget! From start to finish, we have extensive experience in the design and layout of large training facilities, college and high school gyms, and smaller personal training studios. We can also assist you in commercial equipment selection, outfitting, and installation. Perform Better has everything you need for your workout facility – one-stop shopping!

Why did you partner with LeaseQ, and when did you first engage?

Perform Better began working with LeaseQ in 2008 when we learned about the finance application widget that we could incorporate into our website. This widget allows our customers to quickly and easily apply for equipment financing through LeaseQ and gain access to the experts in the field. Because the widget is so hands-off for us, we’re able to stay focused on what we’re good at.

What was equipment financing like before your partnership?

Prior to working with LeaseQ, our equipment financing lacked organization. We had relationships with representatives, all of which required different questionnaires, applications and contracts. With LeaseQ, everything is now more streamlined.

How will this partnership benefit your customers?

Our partnership with LeaseQ opens doors for our customers, as they provide the best rates possible. When a customer reaches our online shopping cart, they are served a pop-up to receive a financing quote. This pop-up appears not only for those looking to open a facility for the first time, but also for those looking to expand, so everyone is aware of the option to finance.

What do you like most about working with LeaseQ?

We like working with LeaseQ because they handle the entire equipment financing process and are willing to hunt down the best rates for each of our customers. They are knowledgeable in equipment financing, but also understand every aspect of our business just as much as we do, giving us the peace of mind to stay focused on our side of the business.

Why is automation (instant quotes, same day financing) important in equipment financing?

Equipment financing automation is important because it cuts down the back and forth with a potential customer. If someone is eager to get the process started, automation allows them to get connected and make business decisions more easily than ever before. Ultimately, it leads to a lot more closed deals for us.

What other challenges are facing your industry?

Within this industry, it can be challenging to be a first-time business owner, as typical lenders see them as a risk. LeaseQ lenders, on the other hand, understand the business credit challenges they face and provide creative solutions to get them off the ground.