Benefits Of Leasing Construction Equipment

In an increasingly tight economy, many companies are looking for ways to make the almighty dollar go a little further. One of the solutions in the construction industry is to lease equipment as opposed to buying it outright, a practice that is gaining momentum in other industries as well. Construction equipment leasing makes sense since many of these units are only required for short term projects, it helps save money, and it provides for the rapid growth of the business.  By leasing their equipment, construction companies do not need to spend huge amounts of money to purchase the machinery required for upcoming projects and jobs.

Some of the most important benefits of leasing construction equipment include:

Maximizing Productivity: As companies lease their equipment for a lower monthly rate, it makes it possible to complete jobs well within the budget. Many of these units are quite expensive, and to purchase each one individually would be cost prohibitive.  Leasing reduces costs by a great extent.

Cost Reduction: With equipment leased from reliable sources, the costs associated with the possession and maintenance of these units goes down.  This is an effective business strategy adopted by many business entrepreneurs.

Custom Payment Plans: There are more companies in the market today that offer equipment leasing plans, allowing for construction companies to shop around for the equipment leasing plan that suits their needs and their budget.


Short Turnaround: Compared to obtaining a bank loan, the turnaround time for a lease is fairly short. This allows the company to have access to the equipment they need as soon as possible.

Payment Options: There is often a flexibility to be found in leasing, including seasonal leases that allow the lease to pay within a specific time period.

Easy Disposal Of The Equipment: Once the equipment has served its purpose or when the lease is up, the gear can be returned to the leasing company. This prevents having to store and maintain the equipment for months and years, as well as extended time that may elapse between jobs.

Fewer Monthly Payments: Construction equipment, like anything else, is easier on the coffers when it is leased. Less money out of pocket every month as opposed to a loan financing plan which is almost always more expensive and longer in duration.

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There are also different types of construction equipment offered by various companies. Some of the more common types include jackhammers, excavators, surveying equipment, as well as more heavy duty items such as cranes, bulldozers, cement trucks, and tractors. All of these are candidates for a solid lease program designed to maximize your efficiency on the job and maintain fiscal responsibility in the office.