3 Advantages of Equipment Financing


Are you a small business owner or start-up wondering about the advantages of leasing equipment?


It may surprise you that most U.S business owners lease equipment.

According to, The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association, “7 out of 10 businesses use at least one form of financing to acquire equipment.”

Advantages of Leasing Equipment

Low Monthly Payments

One of the biggest advantages of getting your equipment through leasing or financing is the monthly payment option. Equipment leases, allow business owners to get the equipment they need fast, while making low monthly payments. The payments are designed to be manageable and do not change over time.

No Down Payment

Many business owners don’t have the cash to make a huge up-front payment,so an equipment lease is a better alternative. Equipment leasing is the best way for businesses to save their cash and spend it on other areas of the company.

No Repair Costs

If, your equipment breaks or needs repairs, you are not responsible for the additional costs. It is the leasing company’s responsibility to fix or replace the equipment.

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Many leases have an upgrade option. This means, you will always have the latest and greatest technology.

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