3 Questions for New Franchisees

To be, or not to be—a franchisee? That is the question faced by every new franchise candidate, who hopes to join the near 782,000 establishments operating in the U.S. To help decide, there are three questions every first-time franchisee should ask:

  1. Should I franchise with a well-known or new concept?
  2. How should I decide where to open my location?
  3. How can I manage my cash flow and forecast my monthly expenses?

Raj Bhatt, co-CEO of Woops! macarons and LeaseQ borrower, knows firsthand what it takes to start and manage a network of franchises. Read his story in Entrepreneur Magazine, and give us a call to learn how LeaseQ can help you open a franchise business of your own: http://bit.ly/2o4YRqZ.