What Are The Benefits Of Using And Adjustable Hospital Bed?

An adjustable hospital bed have a number of mechanisms that allow the patient to adjust the firmness or tilt the height of the mattress.

adjustable hospital bedIt is actually more comfortable than ordinary beds. People who stand to gain the most from these beds are those who are chronically ill or have back problems. Before you decide to finance and lease an adjustable bed, find out more about its benefits.

Benefits Of An Adjustable Hospital Bed

Ordinary beds usually have a flat horizontal mattress. This allows your body to shift into cramped or improper positions. If you suffer from back problems that are as a result of bad sleeping positions, sleeping on such a mattress can have you waking up in pain. An adjustable hospital bed become extremely useful when you sleep because it allows you tocontrol the way your body lays when you sleep. For instance, when the bed is slightly inclined at the foot or at the head, it prevents you from bending your legs or curling up.

The adjustable hospital bed is great for people who suffer from edema. Edema comes about as a result of the feet swelling up due to an accumulation of fluids. It can be a very painful ordeal and it can be prevented by sleeping with the legs slightly raised. An adjustable bed allows you to tilt the legs up so that fluid buildup at the legs can be prevented.

The adjustable bed is also comfortable for a person who is bed ridden. It allows them to enjoy watching television or doing any other activities that can only be done in a sitting position when on an ordinary bed. On an adjustable bed, the top half of their body will be supported just like on a chair or couch without having to leave the bed.

If you have ever been admitted to a hospital, it would be very hard for you not to notice how the bed is very comfortable. This is because the hospital bed mattress is flexible and comes in different types that are suitable for different beds. There are of course different things to consider before financing and leasing the mattress but what exactly makes it comfortable?

Things That Make A Hospital Bed Mattress comfortable

When you compare a hospital bed mattress with an ordinary one, you will realize that they do not both function the same way. For instance, a normal bed mattress will not fold on an adjustable bed. A hospital mattress on the other hand is made in such a way that the patient can lie in different positions. This is considering the fact that most patients will be confined to a hospital bed for a period as short as two weeks to several months.

The composition of the mattress also dictates how comfortable it will be on a hospital bed. Most of them are either composed of foam or an inner spring. Foam mattresses are however more expensive than inner spring mattresses so many people opt for the latter. However, when you compare the two, foam mattresses are more comfortable than spring ones.

Tips On Hospital Bed Mattress Leasing

Just like regular mattresses, the cost of hospital bed mattresses varies. For example, the inner spring mattress costs a few hundred dollars while a foam mattress will cost thousands. If you are planning on leasing a hospital bed mattress, this is something that you might want to consider. Most of the time people go for price over comfort. This could be largely due to the fact that most insurance companies will only cover the basic cost of the inner spring mattress for people who require having a hospital bed in their home.

Before financing a hospital mattress, it is important to also consider the model of your bed as this will help you choose the mattress weight capacity. Foam mattresses can accommodate a weight of 275 to 400 lbs while inner spring mattresses will accommodate 250 lbs. If you have a patient who is obese, you should consider financing specialty bariatric mattresses since they are specifically tailored to cater for such people.

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