#BehindYourBusiness: What Goes into a Macaron

This month on #BehindYourBusiness we are putting the spotlight on the sweet, French treat, macarons. A favorite of many, macarons are known for their vibrant variety of colors, flavors and unique texture. Woops! an NYC-based macaron franchise, knows how to make the perfect macaron while creating out of the box flavors for dessert enthusiasts to savor.

Woops! opened up a pop-up shop in NYC during the holidays of 2012. Since then, they have opened multiple kiosks and full-scale cafes around the East Coast, and now have big plans for expansion. The LeaseQ team met with Woops! in the fall of 2015 to discuss their equipment financing needs and how LeaseQ could help franchisees open new kiosks and cafes across the country quickly and efficiently. In order to make macarons, Woops! needed everything from ovens and refrigeration units to mixers and display cases. With our franchise financing platform, Woops! has a running record of all equipment needed and vendors on call to streamline the build-up process.

“We’re in expansion mode, and having LeaseQ as a consistent financing partner to help franchise candidates ultimately become franchisees is critical for growing at a quick rate. We’re projecting 80 percent growth over the next year.” – Ben Woodruff, VP of franchise development at Woops!, the nation’s premier macaron franchise.

To check out Woops! delectable treats and find a location near you, please visit: https://bywoops.com/

To inquire about franchise financing options, please visit: https://www.leaseq.com/franchise