#BehindYourBusiness – What goes into a stadium concession stand?

With football season upon us, we found ourselves thinking about the experience of attending a game at the stadium. It wouldn’t be nearly the same outing without a cold beer and a tasty hot dog in hand. Being the equipment fanatics we are, we couldn’t help but think about the items necessary to keep a stadium concession stand running successfully with crowds of people pouring through on game day.


Large-scale stadium concessions must haves are soda machine, hot dog warmers, a grill, a fryer, a cotton candy machine, display merchandisers, heated display cases, popcorn machine, pretzel display case and a beer keg just to name a few. Specifics will be determined by the food and drink options each concession stand provides. Remember that these pieces of equipment must also be purchased in multiple quantities to provide for each concession stand, beer garden and private box in the stadium! That’s a lot of equipment.


Next time you are spending an afternoon rooting on your team at the stadium, be sure to stop by a concession stand for a game day treat!