#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into a Mrs. Smith Apple Pie?

This month on #BehindYourBusiness, we are putting the spotlight on delicious Mrs. Smith Apple Pies. The traditional desserts, bought frozen, may not come immediately to mind when thinking of the phrase “farm to fork,” but there is a multi-step process involved in bringing these pies to your local grocer.

The process begins with fresh apples from the field and ends with a packaged frozen pie on the shelves of grocery stores across the world. Foodservice packaging equipment is the driving force that moves this process along. Packaging companies must have cleaning and grading equipment, baking and filling equipment, scales, box fillers, volume fills, labeling equipment and packaging equipment.

Equipment is arguably the most important component in bringing Mrs. Smith Applies Pies from the farm, to your fork. If you are a foodservice packaging company interested in financing top-notch equipment, give us a call.