#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into an apartment complex?

This month’s installment of #BehindYourBusiness takes on apartment complexes and the necessary equipment to keep residents cool and happy in the hot summer months.

A significant amount of equipment goes into an apartment complex, but we’ll start with the HVAC system. Energy-efficient HVAC equipment helps retain current residents and attract new ones, while saving energy costs for all. However, the high up-front cost of HVAC equipment often deters building owners from replacing equipment, thus beginning a cycle of repair after repair and unhappy residents.

With equipment financing, facility managers can secure the energy-efficient HVAC equipment they need without breaking the bank.

LeaseQ company, Noesis, worked with Hightower Apartments in Washington D.C. and HVAC consultant, Daikin, to use equipment financing to replace a broken chiller at terms that benefitted both parties. By replacing the chiller, Hightower Apartments saved $16,110 in the first year.

In many cases, the monthly energy savings from upgraded building equipment is greater than the monthly financing payments, making your project a positive cash flow generator on day one.

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