#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into an ice cream truck?

There’s nothing better than hearing the ring of an ice cream truck on a scorching summer day. While ice cream is the perfect treat for any summer afternoon, people seldom consider the investment that goes into their neighborhood ice cream truck.

food-ice-creamIt is no small feat to create and fund an ice cream truck venture, and having the right equipment is imperative for success and longevity. Not only must you have the proper kitchen equipment, you must also have equipment to bring attention to your truck. Flashy and easily readable signage is a must as well as a catchy horn or ring that signifies your arrival. Inside the truck there needs to be a cold plate freezer, a refrigerator for toppings and drinks, an easily accessible rack for napkins and utensils, and a cash register. A cold plate freezer, in particular, is a must, because it fits nicely in the truck, holds freeze for 10-12 hours and has easily-accessible opening lids for fast service.

Keep your eyes (and ears!) out for your neighborhood ice cream truck, and be sure to thank the ice cream truck entrepreneurs while you enjoy your cone!