#BehindYourBusiness: What goes into holiday fruitcake?

With the holiday season officially upon us, we have found ourselves thinking about our favorite seasonal treats. One in particular stands out – fruitcake. This quintessential treat is timeless and has been a staple of holiday feasting for as long as any of us can recall.

christmas-stollen-1084954_1920What goes into a fruitcake? By that we mean, what equipment must bakers have in order to bake this dessert correctly? Commercial bakers with fruitcake on the menu must have a mixer, an oven, a refrigerator, large mixing bowls and ample shelving to store the finished treats.

Without the necessary equipment, fruitcakes would cease to exist! Next time you’re enjoying a piece of fruitcake at a holiday gathering, don’t forget to think about the behind-the-scenes role plays in bringing that treat to tables year after year.