Buying Versus Leasing Computer Equipment: The Shocking Facts

Buying Versus Leasing Computer Equipment: is leasing or buying going to be the better choice to work with in the long run? We answer that question here.
Buying Versus Leasing Computer EquipmentWhatever you do in business, you DON’T want to get stuck with computer equipment that’s outdated…or worse yet looks like the one pictured here on the right.
Can be extremely expensive to acquire today, smart businesses look to lease computer equipment instead of making cash purchases. The mathematics on it are quite simple: there are far more tax benefits to leasing equipment then there are in purchasing.
Not only that, but there are advantages for your business as well (not to mention the whole “making sure your computers are updated” question) so you don’t end up with computer equipment that looks like our picture above. But more importantly, having the latest technology in your computer equipment for your office is essential to productivity, efficiency, staying ahead of your competitors and being able to make lightning quick business decisions.

Computer Equipment Leasing vs Buying: What You Should Know Before Deciding

Computer equipment leasing vs buying will likely be a dilemma that your business will have to face at some point during its operation, perhaps we can lend some clarity to the question at hand. There are many reasons why leasing from spying when it comes to computer equipment. Here are a few reasons why:
Technology Advances: Increasingly, technology and computer equipment is becoming absolutely essential for the operations of nearly all types of business, though in varying degrees. This is to say that while nearly all businesses will need to use technology and computers in order to be successful in the long run, not every business needs as much computer technology integration as the next business might need. 
Expense Management: For those companies and businesses that need an especially high volume of high-end computer equipment, it can be safely assumed that the expense of such an acquisition will be very high and will likely represent a large portion of the company’s budget. This is the main reason that the debate between computer equipment leasing vs buying has so much energy in today’s economy. It’s because there are a lot of business owners who are genuinely not sure about which acquisition method is going to be better for their business. 

Saving Cash: While cash purchasing your computer equipment items is certainly going to have the potential to provide your business with a viable acquisition solution, it is probably going to put your business in a position of much higher risk than leasing would. The reason that cash purchasing can put your business in a position of increased risk is largely due to the fact that cash purchasing, especially when applied to expensive computer equipment, tends to deplete large portions of a business’s capital reserves.

Save Cash for a Rainy Day: As capital reserves tend to become critically important in terms of a business’s survival and longevity when faced with tough circumstances, they should be preserved to the greatest possible extent. The fact of the matter is that cash purchasing is simply not a great way to preserve these precious reserves of capital.

Buying Versus Leasing Computer Equipment Conclusion

In most cases, computer equipment leasing is a far better choice for 99% of businesses. This is especially true when it comes to high-end, extremely expensive computer equipment. Businesses who lease and paid for that equipment in tomorrow’s dollars while conserving today’s cash. This is an extremely smart way of managing expenses as well as leveraging inflation. Of course, when you lease any equipment, you’re using inflation to your advantage instead of your disadvantage.

Since equipment leasing for computer equipment helps keep a businesses costs low and manageable, it encourages financial stability as well. When the tough times hit, you will not have extinguished that cash reserve – or worse yet, taken out a loan from a bank. Instead, you’ll have the peace of mind of having and using the equipment you need while making a smart financial and business decision at the same time.

Clearly, computer equipment leasing is far better than buying.

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