How Can You Find Medical Device Distributors?

How can you choose medical device distributors? It might be much easier than you actually think.

medical device distributorsThere are many manufacturers who make medical devices. The quality of their products varies and so do the prices. Since it is not advisable to compromise on medical devices, you need to have only the ones with the highest quality if you hope to operate your facility smoothly and efficiently. How therefore do you choose medical device distributors who will offer you only the best equipment?

How To Choose Medical Device Distributors.

The first thing that you should check out is their current clients. Good suppliers equal good clients. Distributors who have been in the business for a long time have already built trust and rapport with their clients. Check to see if the clients are also established and running reputable health practices. If the client is a major player or very successful in the industry, then you can be assured that they will only pick a distributor who is everything but mediocre.

The cost of the devices is also another major factor to consider when choosing a distributor. Different distributors have devices that vary in price depending on where they acquired them from. They typically have devices that are suitable for every budget. It is not advisable to go for cheap products because the quality will most likely be the same as the price; cheap. You can shop around and look for a distributor who is offering their devices at a fair market price.

An example of equipment you can get from a medical device distributor is phlebotomy equipment. Phlebotomy is the process of collecting fluid, tissue and blood samples for lab tests. This process requires specialized phlebotomy equipment which is not easy to make a cash purchase on. The following is some of the equipment that may require financing through leasing.

Examples Of Phlebotomy Equipment

Lab furniture is one of the specialized equipment used in the exam room to make patients feel safe and comfortable while their samples are being collected. These special pieces of furniture include adjustable exam tables, flip-up arm rests and padded drawing chairs.

Lancet and capillary tubes are very useful for collecting blood samples. When collecting blood from an infant, special child sized collection tubes and lancets are also required. Venipuncutre supplies are used to collect blood samples from the patient’s veins. They include equipment such as needle holders, tourniquet, tubes to collect the blood and compartmentalized trays to hold the supplies.

Why Medical Device Leasing Makes Sense

Leasing is a very fast process of financing your medical devices. It beats going to a bank and requesting for a loan to finance your devices. Leasing takes a matter of hours. A one page lease agreement takes a few hours to be executed and approved as opposed to applying for a loan from a bank which can take several weeks to approve.

Leasing allows flexibility. As your practice grows technology also advances. It can be very expensive to keep on upgrading your devices. With a lease, you are able to upgrade your devices or add new ones. Maintenance, installation and other services can also be added to your lease agreement depending on how you negotiate with your distributor.

Tips For Phlebotomy Equipment Leasing

Ensure that you have a good credit history. Some companies are very strict about leasing and may require you to have a good credit history. However, some companies do not mind leasing to clients who have a damaged credit history, or have no credit history at all.

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Some people tend to try their luck by submitting several lease applications to different companies. This may raise doubts as to whether other companies have rejected your application especially if you are starting a new business. Most companies are wary about leasing to new businesses. If your business is therefore less than two years old, you might be at a disadvantage. There are, however, companies that can agree to draft special lease agreements to new businesses.

Prepare your paper work by knowing the prerequisites of a particular leasing company. Before you also sign the lease agreement, ensure that the company is offering you the services that you need in one package. Some companies may offer to only lease the equipment to you but you will be liable for transporting and maintaining the equipment.

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