Why A Commercial Ice Machine Is Important To Your Restaurant

Many restaurant owners believe that investing in a commercial ice machine is too expensive and comes with a lot of complications.

commercial ice machineCommercial ice machines are pieces of equipment that produce and sometimes store ice. They have an attached water source and a freezing ice tray system which makes them capable of producing ice 24 hours a day. Different types of machines produce ice for different applications. For instance, there are nugget ice machines and flake ice machines.

A commercial machine is designed in such a way that it can produce high quality ice. The machine needs to be regularly cleaned with the right products to ensure that it produces good ice with a consistent and pleasant taste.

Why Is A Commercial Machine Important For Your Restaurant?

Many restaurants serve beverages and soft drinks; blend frozen cocktails or stock salad bars. The right ice machine is very important because it will ensure that you never run out of ice and you provide quality products. This means that you will have many more repeat customers, more sales and bigger profits for your restaurant. Commercial ice machines are also important because they can preserve food such as fish to ensure that it is fresh.

Which Type Of Ice Machine Is Suitable For Your Business?

When shopping for a commercial ice machine, you have to select the one that produces the type of ice that you want. Different situations require different types of ice so as to maximize profits.

1. Full Ice Cube

The full ice cube resembles a full dice and is 7 inches all the way around. It melts and cools beverages slowly. It also makes drinks visually appealing and keeps them cold for a long time. The full ice cube is ideal for hotel ice dispensers, cocktails, bagged ice and salad bars. Ice machines that can produce a full ice cube include:

  1. Combination ice machine
  2. Under counter
  3. Standalone

2. Half Cube Ice

The half cube ice measures 3/8” X 7/8” X 7/8” and is used for several purposes. It’s unique shape displaces more liquid and this will increase your beverage profit since your customers will get more ice than beverage. It’s ideal for soft drinks, mixed drinks, iced coffee and blended drinks. Ice machines that make half cubes include:

  1. Combination ice machine
  2. Under counter
  3. Stand alone

3. Flaked Ice

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This ice is perfect for displays and packs together really well. It chills down displayed products such as food in salad bars and fish in grocery stores. Flake ice is soft and will not scratch or bruise plus it can be molded around the product for better cooling results. It is ideal for use in salad bars, produce displays, meat displays, ice wraps and blended cocktails. Ice machines that make flaked ice include:

  1. Combination ice machine
  2. Under counter
  3. Standalone

4. Nugget Ice

Customers love this type of ice because it is soft and chewable. Unlike the half cube ice, nugget ice displaces more liquid and provides greater customer satisfaction. You are more likely to see greater beverage profits with this type of ice. It is ideal for smoothies, health care settings, carbonated drinks and blended cocktails. Ice machines that make nugget ice include:

  1. Combination units
  2. Under counter
  3. Standalone

Lease Commercial Ice Machines

As you can see, a commercial ice machine is ideal for your restaurant and can help you rake in profits. The biggest question you might be asking yourself is “isn’t it expensive?”

Ice machines are expensive and require a lot of capital to purchase. The good news is that you can still use an ice machine without purchasing it. The solution lies in leasing.

Leasing is a great way of acquiring equipment that you need for your restaurant at a relatively cheap price. You don’t need to have a large amount of money, collateral or make any down payments.

If you want to own the equipment at the end of the lease period, you can sign a lease-to-own agreement. Lease-to-own agreements are ideal because your lease payments are counted as a down payment to the equipment. At the end of the lease you can purchase your equipment for $1 or at 10% the current value of the equipment.

For more information on leasing commercial ice machines, simply CLICK HERE.