3 Commercial Pizza Oven Types You Should Know About

If you are aspiring to open your own pizzeria, it is vital that you know all about the three commercial pizza oven types.

commercial pizza oven typesSmall kitchens, large chains and traditional pizzerias require different commercial pizza oven types to cater to the needs of different clientele. All the three different types of pizza ovens use different sources of power, have different cooking times and methods for different types of pizza.

Commercial Pizza Oven Types

1. Pizza Convection Ovens

With the costs of utilities rising much faster than anticipated and many pizzerias looking for ways to save money, a pizza convection oven seems like an appropriate choice. Pizza convection ovens decrease both energy and cooking time used while still producing pizzas comparable to traditional ones.

If you have a limited amount of space, the pizza convection oven would be suitable for you. It’s also ideal for startups that want to produce high quality pizza while keeping their energy costs low.

This oven has a fan installed in the back that circulates hot air for convection heating. It cooks at 4500 F. Convection heating means cooking with a lower temperature so this helps to save on energy costs.

You can acquire either the electric or the gas model. It takes about 15 to twenty minutes to heat up to the necessary cooking temperature. You can cook a single pizza in five or six minutes when the oven is at 4600 F.

2. Brick Pizza Ovens

The design of brick pizza ovens is similar to that of ancient bakery ovens. Although it is fueled by wood, you can use coal or gas. Some purists believe that a brick pizza oven is the only oven that makes the best pizza.

If you plan on opening a pizzeria that makes authentic pizzas, then this type of an oven would be ideal for you. The oven uses three types of heating methods: conduction, reflection and convection. The dome’s interior creates a natural flow of air for convection heat. The heat is then reflected off the dome and onto the pizza. The stone hearth conducts heat to the crust.

The oven cooks pizza at 700 to 10000 F. As mentioned earlier, brick ovens can use gas, coal or wood to heat up but you can find others which use wood and still have a gas back up.

It takes about 45-60 minutes to heat a brick pizza oven. Traditionally, you would have to wait for the bricks to turn white or clear but commercial models nowadays have temperature readout. This oven can take anything from 1 ½ to five minutes to cook a pizza.

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3. Pizza Deck Ovens

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining a brick pizza oven but still want to cook authentic pizza, you can opt for the pizza deck oven. It has stone shelves on which pizzas are placed directly to bake. The stone is heated by a burner. The ideal temperature is between 400 and 7000 F and you can use electricity or gas to heat the oven. It takes about an hour to properly heat up and takes about six to eight minutes to bake depending on the thickness of the crust and toppings.

4. Conveyor Ovens

As a bonus we added the conveyor oven. The reason why it’s a bonus is because many pizzerias don’t like it because it’s very slow. However, it is probably ideal for you if you do not have a large number of customers yet. You can use it to bake other stuff such as seer fish, toast sandwiches or anything that will fit under the opening.

A countertop model uses radiant heat while the full size unit uses forced air for heating. It uses gas or electricity and its ideal cooking temperature is 400-6000 F. It does not need pre-heat time and cooks pizza for about four to five minutes.

Leasing Is A Great Way Of Acquiring Commercial Pizza Oven Types

All the four commercial pizza oven types are not easy to acquire and require a lot of capital. Thankfully, you can lease and acquire them at a relatively cheaper price. Leasing allows you to acquire any type of commercial pizza oven and 98% of businesses qualify for a lease. Plus it takes approximately 24 hours to get pre-approved for a lease.

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