Why Is A Commercial Range Oven Important To Your Restaurant

A commercial range oven is easy to operate even for untrained kitchen staff, which makes it appealing for a wide variety of menu applications and operations.

commercial range ovenMany restaurants use commercial ranges and consider them as essential equipment. A range is typically a cook top surface with an oven. It works independently of the oven base and allows for direct heat cooking. In the home, a range is commonly known as a stove top. This range, however, is far much different from the commercial range oven because it has less heating power.

Ranges can be connected together for greater efficiency but they are usually freestanding units. You can also install a range as a drop-in unit, which is simply a cook top on a counter top minus the oven.

Why Is A Commercial Range Oven Important?

The importance of a commercial range oven depends on your menu items and cooking methods. A range offers extra ordinary cooking flexibility and it can be used for any of the following purposes:

  1. Warming
  2. Simmering
  3. Braising
  4. Boiling
  5. Sautéing
  6. Broiling
  7. Grilling
  8. Frying

How Do You Know You Need A Commercial Range Oven?

If you cook food over direct heat then a commercial range would be ideal for the job. If you also plan to grill, sauté, stir-fry, braise or boil then a range is suitable for your restaurant.

What Are The Different Types Of Ranges

Different types of commercial ranges are suitable for different types of kitchens with different cooking needs. Restaurants that prepare more than 250 meals a day needs a heavy-duty commercial range as compared to a catering business that puts out less than 100 meals two times a week.

Commercial ranges have different heat outputs, durability and surface area. Some units can be lined up with other kitchen equipment to increase efficiency while others are made to be used as freestanding units. Below are the different types of ranges available.

1. Heavy Duty Range

A heavy duty range can be connected together with other equipment to increase efficiency in the kitchen. They are also known as battery ranges and have excellent durability as well produce high amounts of heat. These units can be used with heavy pans and pots. It’s ideal for casinos, hospitals and hotels.

2. Restaurant Range

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If your restaurant produces less than 250 meals a day then a restaurant range would be more ideal for you. It can be used in small kitchens because it generally takes up minimal space. This type of commercial range oven is very popular in small catering operations, cafes, diners and restaurants.

3. Wok Range

A wok range is mostly used in establishments that specialize in Asian cooking since it is ideal for cooking stir-fry dishes. They are also ideal for restaurants that use a wok.

What Size Commercial Range Do You Need?

Size always plays a big role when choosing the type of commercial range oven you need for your restaurant.

1. Hood Space

Most health codes require that the size of the exhaust be at least six inches beyond all pieces of equipment placed beneath it, so it is very important that you evaluate the size of your kitchen first. The size of the exhaust hood will determine the size of the range that is suitable for your business.

2. Application And Menu

If you specialize in more than one type of food, you might need combination surfaces like an open burner configuration and a griddle top. If you plan only to specialize in serving breakfast, you may only need a griddle top. The items you cook frequently will determine which size of commercial range you will need.

Lease Your Commercial Range Oven

A commercial range oven is not a cheap asset to acquire and you need to have a significant amount of cash. Leasing offers a great alternative to making a direct cash purchase.

The reason why restaurants prefer to lease their commercial range ovens rather than purchase is because:

  1. They don’t need to make down payments
  2. They don’t need to pay more for repair and maintenance. It’s all taken care of by the leasing company
  3. They do not need to have a large cash outlay to make a direct purchase
  4. They enjoy a number of tax benefits

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