Digital Stethoscope Records Patient’s Heart Sounds




Doctors have the option to buy a digital stethoscope.

Eko’s Devices, a start-up company based out of the Silicon Valley, is FDA-approved to sell a digital stethoscope.

The Core is the first digital stethoscope on the market to wirelessly stream heart sounds to a HIPAA-friendly phone application. The Core is also the only digital stethoscope to integrate with electronic health records. Now a patient’s heart sound recordings can be a part of their medical history.

eko hand wrap rightThe digital stethoscope lets clinicians amplify, record, analyze, and privately share heart sounds. The Core seamlessly attaches to any stethoscope so that, clinicians are able to keep the stethoscope they already own. easily switch between traditional and digital modes. It is the most affordable digital stethoscope around and starts at only $199. That’s a lot less than older digital   stethoscopes which are priced between $500-$800.


“The beauty of the Eko Core is that it captures heart sounds in a streamlined way that has never been done before, interfacing seamlessly into our traditional exam without requiring any extra effort. With it, we as providers can record, review, and share a key part of our exam findings that can be incredibly helpful in our longitudinal care. And that may just be the beginning; this device could help transform what we think the cardiac exam could actually tell us. It really is a wonderfully simple idea with the potential to be a real game-changer,” said John Chorba, MD Cardiologist, UC San Francisco.

Key Benefits of the Eko Core

1. Upgrade the cardiology referral process and patient experience

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2. Revamp the stethoscope user experience for clinicians

3. Incorporate heart sounds into patient electronic health records

4. Monitor patients remotely through telemedicine