What’s The Importance Of Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems?

Do you need restaurant point of sale systems and how important is it for your restaurant?

restaurant point of sale systemsRestaurant point of sale systems is computer based technology that restaurants use to print tickets, record and display data and capture orders. It is especially important to cashiers, bartenders and restaurant servers who use the systems to enter food and beverage orders.

Restaurant point of sale system is capable of acting as a computer as well as a cash register. It can be placed in multiple stations such as server stations, hostess stations, display screens, receipt printers and credit card terminals. Point of sale systems has certain advantages especially during the busiest hours in your restaurant. It can perform multiple functions such as:

  1. Recording information on repeat customers
  2. Keeping track of all the items on the menu sold
  3. Recording the average daily check for each worker
  4. Calculating payroll and labor data
  5. Creating daily and hourly sales reports
  6. Keeping track of money in the cash drawer
  7. Recording methods of payment
  8. Calculating the amount of money due for every order.

How Your Employees Can Use Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems

Keep in mind that restaurant point of sale systems work differently. User processes will differ depending on the service style and type of restaurant you operate. Below are some general processes that your employees can use to take an order with the system.

  1. They will first access the system by entering their user code or their name
  2. They will then enter food items the customer orders but if your restaurant is a full service restaurant, they can be able to choose a table number and add more food items to an existing order.
  3. The system will send this information to the bar or the kitchen on a digital display monitor or a printed ticket.
  4. The bar or kitchen employees will read the order and make the food items and beverage for the customer.
  5. If you run a quick service restaurant, your employee will read the total amount of money on the restaurant point of sale systems display and collect the cash from the customer. If you run a full service restaurant, on the other hand, your employee will give your customers a check, wait for the payment and then enter the information into the system.

Where The Point Of Sale System Should Be Set Up

You can choose to place touch screens in several different places depending on the service style and layout of your restaurant. If you run a fast casual restaurant, your restaurant point of sale systems should be located in visible places such as close to the front door. If you run a full service restaurant, it should be located in a place where it won’t interfere with the dining experience or ambiance.

What To Look For In Point Of Sale Systems

You should consider the following factors when looking for point of sale systems:

  1. Quality and price. How much money are you willing to spend and is it proportional to your business volume and system needs? Certain features add more dollars to the price of the systems so be sure that you actually need those features before making a purchase.
  2. User friendliness
  3. Technical support
  4. What are its financial reporting capabilities?
  5. Does it have updated software needed to track data?
  6. What are the necessary hardware components that you need?

Leasing Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems

Modern point of sale systems have many added features which are extremely important for any restaurant. These added features, as mentioned earlier, can make the price of these systems significantly increase.

Leasing is one of the ways that you can acquire quality restaurant point of sale systems without spending a lot of money. With leasing, you only pay for using the systems and not the actual purchase. This explains why it costs much lower than purchasing it.

In addition, you will not only get system support from your equipment lessor, but you will get free upgrades at the end of the leasing period. Remember that point of sale systems use technology which is known to be dynamic so you have to keep up with the changes. Frequent upgrades can be expensive and leasing helps to lower the costs.

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