LeaseQ Company, Noesis, Shares Financing Advice for Building Owners

Automated Buildings editor, Ken Sinclair, published a Q&A with Matt Worth in July discussing equipment financing options for building controls. Matt is the VP & GM at Noesis, a LeaseQ company, where he works with sales leadership at equipment vendors that are adopting financing programs for the first time and assists in incorporating new solutions into their sales processes.

In response to Ken’s question about the role of equipment financing in the commercial building equipment industry, Matt said:

When owners are forced to replace failing building equipment, it is commonly seen as a necessary evil that will consume capital budget that was earmarked for something else.  Equipment financing can alter that calculus. Building owners no longer have to settle for the lowest cost, “like for like” replacement equipment. They can use equipment financing to acquire more expensive but more efficient equipment that will save them money and provide them return on their investment. In that light, equipment replacements are transformed from a dreaded sunk cost to a cash flow generating investment. 

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