LeaseQ Employee Spotlight: Brett Rondeau


Brett Rondeau


Associate Director, Business Development

Office nickname (if applicable):

The Hitman (In reality I’ve only been called this about 3-4 times by our funding manager based on Bret Hart)

Where are you from, originally?

Cranston, RI

How did you find LeaseQ?

Through AngelList

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What do you like most about working at LeaseQ?

All my co-workers are great, but the team I am on works really well together and makes me look forward to coming into work each day.

What’s your dream deal for LeaseQ?  

To be able to develop a relationship with Lockheed Martin

What apps/tech/tools do you use on a daily basis?

Fantasy Sports Apps, Instagram, Snapchat, and of course, Salesforce at work

Any (other) work or life hacks you’d like to share? 

You get back what you put in.  I think this applies to every aspect of life.  Work, self, relationships…etc.

Favorite movie ever (independent of IMDB ratings):

I am a huge movie guy, so it is hard to limit it to just one, but anything by Scorsese or Tarantino, or anything that involves Leo.

Favorite activities when you’re outside the office? 

Golfing, hanging with friends, and crushing Netflix

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