LeaseQ Employee Spotlight: Cory Damm

Cory DammName:

Cory Damm


Vice President – Client Services

Where are you from, originally?

Meredith, NH

How did you find LeaseQ?  

LeaseQ found me. I was two years into bootstrapping a company together that was working on solving the same kind of problems for business owners as LeaseQ. Vernon was getting LeaseQ online and asked if I’d like to team up and get LeaseQ off the ground. I can’t believe it was just over 5 years ago.

What do you like most about working at LeaseQ?

The team of people here; we solve big problems, and often deal with making or breaking someone’s business dream. That can be stressful but the team at LeaseQ always makes it fun to work through the challenges.

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Any favorite lender/borrower stories worth sharing?  

One of the most fun deals we did was helping former New England Patriot Isaiah Stanback realize his dream of opening a fitness-training center in Texas. Forbes and Entrepreneur Mag picked up the story and gave LeaseQ some excellent press.

What’s your dream deal for LeaseQ? 

A vendor program that turns 100 $65K sales a month.

What apps/tech/tools do you use on a daily basis?

Salesforce and my iPhone run my life…and I’m ok with that.

Any (other) work or life hacks you’d like to share?

I know this one thanks to David Trost, the Overdrive app, and a card to the Boston Public Library grants you free access to all the audiobooks you’ll ever need.

Favorite movie ever (independent of IMDB ratings):

Ridley Scott’s, A Good Year

Favorite activities when you’re outside the office?

Skiing, Fishing, Climbing Rocks and Fine Wood Working

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