LeaseQ Employee Spotlight: Henry Neels

Henry NeelsName:

Henry Neels


Software Engineer

Office nickname (if applicable):


Where are you from, originally?

Melrose, MA

How did you find LeaseQ?

After doing some contract development work, I came across the opportunity at LeaseQ through a former colleague. I was eager to join as an intern upon hearing about LQ’s marketplace concept, and went full-time shortly thereafter.

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What do you like most about working at LeaseQ?

When the product team needs us to add a new feature, the design and implementation process is fast-paced and collaborative. So, I get to touch every aspect of our systems, and contribute to the overall direction of the product.

What’s your dream deal for LeaseQ?

As important as one deal can be, I would like to see us as the first thought in financing for every franchise location and truck dealership in the country.

What apps/tech/tools do you use on a daily basis?

AWS, Ansible, Pro Tools.

Any (other) work or life hacks you’d like to share?

Don’t skip sleep – your brain needs it to function.

Favorite movie ever (independent of IMDB ratings):

Touch of Evil or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Favorite activities when you’re outside the office?

Ping Pong, Project Electronics.

Fill in the Blank: I’d love to see my coworker Nick Millon answer these questions.