Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Operating Your Restaurant Efficiently

If you are a restaurant owner, or are looking to open your own restaurant, then you no doubt are aware of the massive amount of equipment that will be needed to do it properly.  This sort of equipment is not inexpensive, especially when you consider that most of it is designed to be in near continuous operation for the better part of every day. For this reason you have to look into the various benefits of leasing kitchen equipment versus purchasing it.

The fact is that certain pieces of commercial restaurant equipment are better suited for leasing as opposed to purchase. Units such as dishwashers, coffeemakers, and ice makers are almost always more suited for kitchen equipment leasing rather than an outright purchase. One of the major benefits of kitchen equipment leasing is that it saves you quite a bit of capital that can be spent elsewhere, funds that are invaluable when opening a new restaurant.  For a closer look at restaurant equipment leasing:


Restaurant Equipment Leasing

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For starters, shop around for the perfect kitchen equipment lease. There are a number of companies, such as LeaseQ, that specialize in leasing restaurant equipment.  Find out what the lease entails, monthly fees, how often the company will service or clean the equipment, etc. Do they deliver and set up? Most companies that lease kitchen equipment will do this.

Leasing and Financing Options

Compare restaurant equipment for lease and equipment for sale. Tally the total of a lease over the price of buying new. Whichever is more financially lucrative is your option. You may also buy used equipment for a discounted cost, but the piece will not last as long, may require more maintenance, and will not come with a warranty.

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Read the fine print of any commercial kitchen equipment lease. See how long the lease is for and if there are any penalties for terminating it early. If a restaurant is going to fail, it usually does so within about three years, so signing a five year lease probably isn’t the best choice in many cases.

Be ready for the credit check. Restaurant equipment for lease requires the same sort of credit check that a regular purchase would entail. If your credit is not perfect, you may not be eligible to lease commercial kitchen equipment.