National Small Business Week: What being an alternative lender means to us

This #NationalSmallBusinessWeek (May 1-7) got us thinking about what being an alternative lender means—to us, and to the small- and mid-size borrowers we serve. Being an alternative lender in the current marketplace means opening doors for people who would be otherwise shut out by traditional methods of financing. We do what we do as a three-party equipment financing marketplace so SMBs across the nation have the opportunity to make their dreams come true. We believe without alternative lenders and finance options, there would be a huge amount brilliant ideas that never come to fruition.

Our peers all work in different ways and serve a variety of small business owners, but we all share a common goal: to open doors for savvy entrepreneurs. Business News Daily recognizes the importance of alternative platforms in the industry and set out to compile them and award the best. To view the list and learn more about the methodology used to choose winners, please visit:

Happy National Small Business Week!