What Are The Advantages Of Leasing And Buying Pre-owned Medical Equipment?

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health care centers are turning to leasing and purchasing pre-owned medical equipment for a number of reasons.

pre-owned medical equipmentHealth insurance companies seem to deny needed medical procedures and are forcing patients to dig into their own pockets to cater for hospital expenses. This not only frustrates the medical community but it also frustrates the patients who desperately need medical attention.

As a result, many health care facilities are trying to reduce their costs by leasing and buying pre-owned medical equipment. Discussed here are several benefits of purchasing and leasing used hospital equipment.

Advantages Of Leasing And Buying Pre-owned Medical Equipment

The biggest benefit of leasing medical equipment is of course the price factor. It is common knowledge how expensive leasing an MRI machine or an X-ray machine can be. Simple things such as clinic or surgery lights can cost thousands of dollars and that cost is transferred to the patient.

By leasing and purchasing gently used hospital equipment from a reputable medical equipment leasing company, you can significantly reduce the high costs and hopefully, help your health facility’s bottom financial line as well as keep patient costs low.

Another benefit of leasing pre-owned medical equipment is the fact that you can lease a variety of equipment. It comes as no big surprise that most hospitals think that leasing and buying new medical equipment is more beneficial but sometimes used hospital equipment is truly better. For instance, some doctors prefer specific types of equipment such as a diagnostic or surgical machine. Once the current one they are using is beyond repair, the only way they can get another one may be by looking for a used one. There may be upgrades in technology but as long as the machine is still viable and can be used for medical procedures efficiently, there is no reason a used machine cannot be used.

You can actually lease and buy different types of pre-owned medical equipment at a much lower price than new ones. Equipment such as gynecology, cardiology and medical imaging equipment can easily be found. In fact, most companies that specialize in leasing medical equipment have a variety of machines that are of high quality. You can find anything ranging from medical exam tables to hospital beds.

Another benefit of leasing and purchasing pre-owned medical equipment is the fact that you can find equipment that is still in good condition and up-to-date with the latest technology. It is hard to believe that you can find used medical equipment that is in good shape and updated with current technology but picture this. A health facility leased an x-ray machine and only used it for six months before canceling their lease. The lessor took back the equipment after ensuring that it was still in good condition. In such a scenario, the equipment is still viable and ready to be leased to another health facility.

Factors To Evaluate When Leasing And Buying Pre-owned Medical Equipment

The first thing that you should check is the condition of the equipment. Just because it is pre-owned and cheap doesn’t mean that you should settle for dilapidated and barely functional equipment.

You should also make sure that you check the quality of the equipment. Pre-owned equipment doesn’t have to be outdated. In fact, you should specify to your lessor how old you would like the equipment to be. For instance, would you like the equipment to have been used for not more than five years, two years or six months? Equipment that is too old is likely to be outdated.

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Bottom Line

Leasing or purchasing pre-owned medical equipment can be very beneficial to you and your health facility. It allows you to own high quality equipment at reduced prices. Not only that, but you can own a variety of medical equipment that will help your health facility run smoothly.  It is also important to factor in the cost, quality and condition of your equipment before signing your lease or making a purchase.

Contrary to what people think, used hospital equipment isn’t “damaged goods”. Ensure that you only deal with a reputable and trusted medical equipment leasing company. A good place to start looking for one would be at LeaseQ, where you will connect with some of the top financing companies in North America.

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