How Can You Get The Best Restaurant Equipment Lease Rates

Rather than look at the best restaurant equipment lease rates as the lowest rates that you can get, look at them as the most competitive ones that you can get in the industry.

restaurant equipment lease ratesCapital expenditures often ties up a restaurant’s resources, which would have otherwise been used to fund other development or expansion strategies. Leasing restaurant equipment may thus be a viable way of obtaining requisite equipment without adversely affecting the firm’s financial position.  Furthermore, most leases on restaurant equipment are treated as deductible expenses for taxation purposes leading to tax savings.

Comparing Leasing Program For The Best Restaurant Equipment Lease Rates

To get the best deal on restaurant equipment lease rates it goes without saying that the you should compare a variety of programs from different equipment leasing companies.

While there are lessors who will arrange lease options on their own, some prefer to liaise with banks or other financial institutions. There are also a horde of equipment leasing platforms online, such as LeaseQ, which make it even easier to make comparisons of the various leasing programs and rates to choose from.

Other than low restaurant equipment lease rates, you should inquire about down payment, maintenance and delivery conditions.  Maintenance specifies who is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment.

You can negotiate with your lessor and ensure that they include in the contract other hidden costs such as delivery, installation, maintenance or down payments among others, so that you can get a true picture of how much your lease would actually cost.

Obtaining A Leasing Contract

Upon completing the above mentioned, you can choose a lease agreement that best suites the needs of your restaurant. A finance professional may be needed to help with the financial cost analysis especially regarding the depreciation costs.

You can enter into either an operating lease or a capital lease. In the latter, you may eventually take ownership of the equipment thus the lease payments include an additional cost for that or the lessee simply purchases the equipment at the end of the lease period on a fair market value rates.

Often, the agreement specifies a payment period and payment amount. If the lease period is short, the amounts payable with each installment will be higher. Nevertheless, a company should not opt for a longer lease period without weighing its financial position because it will just end up making a higher aggregate payment on the lease.

How Restaurant Equipment Lease Rates Are Determined

Just like other lease agreements, the rates levied on restaurant equipment leases are overly dependent on the prevailing market rates. Most lenders hoping to maximize on profit, will be wary of losing business to competitors if they stick to higher lease rates.

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The prevailing restaurant equipment lease rates in the market are a combination of various factors; the main one is the variety of indexes that track the rates at which major leasehold companies are leasing their equipment.

The rate offered to your restaurant will of course be specific to your own financial scenario. The factors that influence an individual restaurant lease rate is its profitability, cash flows, credit rating and any other factor that may significantly influence the business such as location in an area that only receive seasonal customers.

Credit rating may also be considered if the restaurant business or even its owners have a credit history. It is the credit rating companies that work out the interest rate to be assigned to a particular company on the request of the leasing company.

Macroeconomic factors may also influence the rate offered by leasehold companies. In times of increasing inflation, lessors will demand a higher rate to compensate for loss of value of money. Others market wide variables include exchange rates and legislation.

How To Obtain The Best Kitchen Equipment Lease Rate

There are various items of consideration for a restaurant if it would like to obtain a favorable leasing rate. First off, the company should provide all the relevant financial information that may be needed by the leasing company.

Secondly, you should seek professional assistance in obtaining a lease. Most leases rates are calculated on the basis of depreciation allowable on the equipment during the time that it is in possession of the lessee. A financial expert can help verify the rental payments against the depreciation levels of the equipment and residual value.

If the company plans to obtain ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease, the finance expert can help you come up with a “fair” fair market value of the equipment.

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