How To Select The Right Hotel Fitness Center Equipment

Similar to a gym, hotel owners need to find the right hotel fitness center equipment.

hotel fitness center equipmentBasic health clubs are no different from health fitness centers when it comes to equipping their facilities. Most commercial fitness centers found at hotels are medium sized. If you are looking to create a fitness center, you first need to understand the diverse needs of your clients.

Unlike larger gyms, you may be limited by space and budget and as a result, you may make the mistake of compromising on the quality of the hotel fitness center equipment. Taking time to do research will save you money and reduce liability. The amount of space you have in your fitness center will determine the quantity of equipment you need to acquire.

How To Choose Hotel Fitness Center Equipment

There are two categories of fitness equipment you can choose for your hotel fitness center: cardio and strength equipment.

1. Cardio Equipment

A majority of guests in hotels prefer to use cardio vascular equipment as compared to strength training equipment so you should have enough sturdy pieces of cardio equipment to handle the demands especially at peak hours.

Cardiovascular equipment can be very expensive and can take up a majority of the hotel’s budget. It also costs a lot to repair and maintain it. You can acquire cardiovascular equipment in three categories: full commercial, light commercial and residential.

The major difference between these three types of cardio equipment is their durability. Full commercial equipment is studier and more durable so it can handle repeated and consistent use. It can also accommodate all body types.

Another major difference between the three categories of cardio equipment is the manufacturer warranties. Full commercial equipment has full warranties while light commercial equipment warranty is based on how often the equipment is used. Many manufacturers void warranties if the equipment is used over a certain amount of time; mostly they limit it to four hours a day.

Most cardiovascular equipment is a mix of bikes, elliptical and treadmills although some include special units such as step mills, climbers and rowers. Within cardio equipment is category variations such as recumbent and upright bikes, total body, upper and lower body elliptical. The amount of each category will be based on the amount of space that you have but the common formula to use is the ratio of 1:2:3 bikes, elliptical and treadmills respectively.

2. Strength Training Equipment

Strength training equipment is divided into two categories: free weight and equipment with a weight stack. For the majority of hotel fitness centers, most free weight equipment is standard.

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There are three types of designs for the free weights: single station, dual function pieces and multi gyms. Multi-gyms are used in smaller hotels because they occupy a small amount of space while still giving users a variety of exercises. The disadvantage of using multi-gyms is:

  1. They are biomechanically inferior to the single stations.
  2. They may be too advanced for many users because they need a number of adjustments.
  3. They limit the quantity of equipment for users because a number of exercises are done at the same station.

Larger hotels usually prefer investing in single stations and if they have a limited amount of space, they invest in dual stations as opposed to multi-gyms.

Consider Reducing Expenses Through Leasing

Acquiring hotel fitness center equipment can be an expensive feat especially if you are on a limited budget. Leasing fitness equipment allows you to acquire equipment at a relatively cheaper price. What’s more is that you do not have to compromise on the quality of the equipment.

You can acquire new equipment from preferred manufacturers and at the end of the leasing period you can upgrade your equipment to newer models at no extra cost. Many equipment leasing agreements have a provision that caters to maintenance and repairs. This means that you won’t spend more money than anticipated because the overall costs have been fully covered in your lease payments.

Choosing an equipment leasing company requires careful planning and research. You can visit a number of online platforms such as LeaseQ where you will be connected with hundreds of financing companies all willing to give you a free and instant quote. It takes less than a minute to get your free quote. In addition, there are no sales reps thus giving you total control over the entire process.

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