I Want To Start A Cooking Business, What Do I Need?

In order to start a cooking business, all you need is a supplier for raw ingredients. You can lease cooking, transport and serving equipment from a trustworthy company.

cooking businessThe cooking business is quite profitable if done the right way. Unlike running a restaurant or a café, cooking by itself is an easy venture to start. Opening up a restaurant is more demanding since you will need to acquire a premise and all the necessary items such as furniture. On the other hand, for a catering business there is not much needed since you use the clients chosen premise to serve your food.

Never the less, when you are starting, you need to ensure you have everything you will need along the way. First of all, you will need a working professional kitchen where you prepare the meals. There are three important things required for your cooking business to succeed. You will need raw ingredients, cooking equipment, transport and serving equipment.

1. Raw Ingredients Supplier

Before starting a catering business, you need to identify suppliers of the ingredients you will use. It is advisable to get those who offer these at low and affordable costs. This will help you keep your meal prices low and attract customers. The supplier should be consistent and dependable to always deliver quality goods and on time. If possible, choose a supplier located near your business so that you save on transport costs.

It is advisable to start with a few foods first as you continue to expand. Do a little bit of market research and find out what clients would love. Another option is to ask the client to advice you on what to serve at each event. They should also give you the number of guests who will be attending. This ensures you only cook what will be eaten so that there is no waste. Therefore, there is no loss incurred since you will only use capital that will give returns.

2. Cooking Equipment For Your Cooking Business

Preparing food for many people requires special kitchen equipment. You will need to get gas stoves, grills, ovens and deep fryers that have a large capacity. These items cook a lot of food at once saving you energy and time. Apart from the cookers, you also need to get large cooking pans, mixing bowls, pots, baking trays, ladles and chef’s knives. To keep food fresh and avoid food poisoning, you have to acquire a high capacity freezer.

All these pieces of equipment are essential for starting a cooking business. If you do not have all the capital for buying these, an alternative option is leasing. You can decide to buy your own bowls, pans, trays and pots. However, gas stoves, ovens, freezers and other such like equipment are better if leased. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best in the market without worrying about not having sufficient capital.

The greatest thing about leasing freezer, ovens or stoves is that you can upgrade. As your business grows, you might want to enlarge your cooking business. This will mean serving more people and catering for bigger events and consequently, more returns. Therefore, you will need to get larger freezers and even ovens. When you lease, all you have to do is terminate the lease contract and get an upgrade of what you want. If you are happy with equipment, you can continue using them by renewing the lease.

3. Transport And Serving Equipment

When you start your cooking business, you need to think about serving food to the client. Apart from just getting the utensils for serving such as plates, cups and spoons, you need to move the food. For this, you will not only need a vehicle for transport but additional equipment. These include food carriers, where you place your trays of food. There are also large banquet holding cabinets for transporting a lot of food.

You need beverage dispensers for serving drinks to guests. At the premise, you will need food warmers and catering displays. You also need carts to move plates of food from table to table. Since transport and serving equipment can be expensive, getting a lease is an advisable option. There are companies that will offer you a good deal and allow you to grow your business without tying up your money.

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Leasing cooking business equipment is always a better option even if you have the money to buy. This is because leasing is a lot cheaper and you only pay for what you use. The rest of the money you have can be used in improving the business in other ways. For example, you can invest in advertising and buying more ingredients so that you can serve more people. You could also employ additional staff to increase the capacity of the business.

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