Top Books on Small Business Owners’ Reading Lists

The_Martian_BookCoverAP reporter, Joyce Rosenberg, recently asked small business owners the question: What books have you read that have been most helpful in running your company? LeaseQ CEO and founder, Vernon Tirey, responded with Andy Weir’s The Martian.

Vernon recommends Weir’s novel to small business owners because:

“It makes you think about who you’ve got in your corner, who you can depend on when things get tight — if there are changes in your industry, who’s going to sit down, not get panicky and get things done.”

His unique and compelling book choice landed him inclusion in the AP article along with recommendations from other small business leaders across industries. To read the entirety of Vernon’s thoughts on The Martian and the rest of the featured book recommendations, please visit:,-Abe-Lincoln-books-on-owners’-reading-lists