What Type Of Equipment Do You Need To Start A Laundry Business?

In order for you to start a laundry business and make it a success, you need to have the right equipment that will meet your customers’ needs.

start a laundry businessYour laundry business needs sophisticated, efficient and fast laundry equipment to provide quality service to your customers. You may require a significant amount of capital to start you off but a laundry business is one that eventually pays for itself without requiring a lot of repair and maintenance expenses.

Necessary Equipment To Start A Laundry Business

1. Washers

Washers are essential in every laundry business because they save on time and energy. Most commercial laundry equipment can handle large load capacities an may or may not come with dryers. When choosing washers, you need to ask yourself how much load can it hold, what’s the length of its cycles, the size of the drum and what features does it have?

These machines are very costly especially if you are looking for one with advanced features. Make sure that you purchase one that has a lengthy warranty so that you don’t find yourself paying for repairs and maintenance after only a few years.

2. Dryers

Choosing the wrong dryer can dramatically increase your electricity bill. To save on utility costs, invest in a dryer with a moisture sensor. This is because they turn off the machine automatically before the laundry is overheated. It also ensures that fabrics are not exposed to unnecessary heat.

When you start your laundry business you will probably have to frequently dry bulky items so you need to choose a dryer with an excellent capacity score.

3. Pressing Machines

Pressing machines are essential for pressing gowns, jeans, uniforms and other dress materials. It should have easy to understand safety controls and safety features.

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4. Steamers

Steamers are an important piece of equipment for your commercial laundry business because they steam wrinkles out of garments. They come with detachable steam brushes and can handle more than one gallon of garments.

5. Steam Boilers

Their main purpose is to generate steam for pressing clothes and there are two main types: the gas steam boiler and the electric steam boiler.

Why You Should Consider Leasing Commercial Laundry Equipment

First let’s take a look at other leasing alternatives and analyze their pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself which is the better option.

Acquiring most of the commercial laundry equipment is not easy when you first start a laundry business. Most startups don’t have large sums of money to invest in equipment so they turn to banks for a loan.

The problem with going to a bank to seek financial help is that you may be turned down for various reasons. First, you may have a damaged credit score and second, if you have not been in business for more than two years, then you might not get approved for a loan.

It’s also hard to get approved for a loan if you do not have collateral. Remember that the collateral you provide must be equal to or more than the value of the loan.

On the other hand, you could consider doing a direct purchase on the equipment but then you’d require having all the money needed to make the purchase. The good thing about both loans and direct purchases is the fact that you get to own the equipment.

When we look at leasing, you do not need to have a large amount of money upfront because you don’t need to make any down payments or provide collateral. Moreover, you can still get approved for a lease regardless of if you have a damaged credit score or if you have been in business for less than a year.

If you want to eventually own the equipment, you can sign up for a capital lease whereby you lease the equipment for a certain period of time and eventually ownership of the equipment will be transferred to you. Your monthly lease payments act as a down payment for the laundry equipment.

Final Word

If you have the money needed to start a laundry business, you can be guaranteed that if properly placed, maintained and priced, the business will start paying or itself. You can even save on cash by leasing any piece of laundry equipment that you need.

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