Benefits Of A Fitness Bootcamp

Bootcamp Fitness Concepts

While fitness trends and fads may come and go, sometimes the good ol standby is the best method for dealing with those excess pounds and backing into a new wardrobe. Bootcamp has been around for years, and has proven itself to be a consistent weight burner. Bootcamp is best described as intervals between running and weight training, an intensive workout that may leave you out of breath, but with definite toning and sharpening of abs and legs.

There are a number of benefits to fitness training through the workout process.  It is a good regimen for the strong and not so strong, as well as those who are already fit and those who are not so fit. Let’s examine them in order, shall we?

Bootcamp classes and sessions are a great way to burn calories, with many workouts taking place sans air conditioning in order to make sure you break out in a sweat. Challenging at first, the combination of heavy heat and constant repetition actually does wonders for your body.  By moving constantly, in rapid motion, you can expect to burn between 500-600 calories during one hour long session, giving you a total body workout.

Many bootcamp classes involve treadmills and handweights, allowing for a cardio fix as well as muscle toning through strength training. By mixing up cardio and strength training, you achieve your weight loss goals through the burning of fat paired with muscle building techniques.

Bootcamps have been one of the most reliable and productive forms of fitness training.

There are few things that instill confidence quite like the feeling of accomplishment. The first session of bootcamp training will almost always end with you soaked in sweat, heart pounding, and muscles worn out. But you will be surprised at the burst of energy you receive once it is all over. Knowing you just did something that will benefit you will make you much more likely to bounce right back and do it all over again.

The words “I can’t” are not in the vocabulary. Bootcamp classes are designed to push you to your limit and beyond, with the help and “encouragement” of your instructor of course.  It is always a plus to have someone who will push you to the next level, overcoming your self imposed limitations, and allowing you to see what you are in fact capable of.  You do not want to be the weak link in the chain that drags the rest of the group down.

The Intensive Training Approach

It is also a program that is unlikely to get boring, since bootcamps are designed to be fresh and new with each session, to help you retain your focus and your enthusiasm. You never know quite what to expect.  Classes ensure that you will remain moving, are continuously challenged, and never an everyday occurrence.

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