Fitness Equipment Leasing – Fat Burning Tips: Nutrition Part 2

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Our fitness equipment leasing series on fat burning techniques continues with part 2 of our look at nutritional requirements and supplements designed to accentuate weight loss. Here are a few more tips designed to help you maximize your nutritional habits and achieve your fitness goals.

Be careful when you have dinner out, making sure meats are prepared without benefit of oil or grease. Steamed vegetables should be ordered with no butter. Salads should be had with no cheese and low fat dressing.  Avoid simple sugars and cut down on the level of sugar in your diet, using the time immediately after a workout to ingest simple sugars.

Carbs should be of the low glycemic variety, at least during the day, since this allows for easier digestion. Athletes who eat lower GI carbs burn more fat throughout the day.  Fiber is also important as it helps decrease body fat.

More tips on nutrition and the role it plays in fitness from a fitness equipment leasing provider.

Adjust the time for each meal, as this is just as important as what you eat. If you eat too much at night, readjust your eating patterns, and try to eat at least two thirds of your day’s calories before dinnertime to avoid late day over indulging.

Watch what you eat at work or at social functions. If you are aware that the food to be served isn’t particularly healthy, then eat in advance. Once you have eaten healthy for that portion of the day, it becomes easier to turn down that which is filled with empty calories and junk foods.

Eat breakfast. Eating eggs has been found to significantly reduce hunger and food intake for as long as 24 hours.

Slow down your consumption, since it usually takes about 10 minutes for the food in your stomach to inform the brain that you’ve had enough. Ten minutes is plenty of time to eat too much.

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Get the sodium and salt out of your diet, since this makes you look softer and burns less fat. Cut out processed foods and switch to potassium chloride when it comes to food seasonings.

Drink your milk. No, this is not a cliché’. Stock up on low fat versions of cheese, yogurt, and milk.

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