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For many of us, fitness does not come easy, nor does the thought of going out and adopting an exercise regimen. Gym equipment leasing provides us with many of the tools we require, but we have to be proactive in the pursuit of our fitness goals. A lot of people don’t like the idea of push ups or running, but the good news is that a great deal of fitness and training can be found in your local pool. Swimming laps in a pool, or virtually any other activity in the water is an excellent method for development of a number of muscle systems as well as keeping your total weight in check. People who swim regularly are much more likely to be in good physical condition than those who do not.

Swimming is a low impact activity that provides maximum exercise potential without the undue stress being placed on the body, or the risk of injury that comes with higher impact activities such as running. The down side is that it can often be difficult to determine exactly how much energy you are burning in the pool so it is important to work out a method for deciding how much is enough before you overdo it. The body maintains a more even temperature while swimming than it does for any other physical activity. Once the swimming workout is finished, the body has to work less hard to return to a normal stasis point and temperature.

Swimming is a low impact workout that is in many cases preferable to jogging or weight training activities

Much like other exercises have variations, the stroke that you are swimming with can and will have an impact on the number of calories burned while working out in the pool. The use of proper or improper swimming technique will also have an effect on the amount of calories burned. Done correctly, it is possible to burn as much as 500-1200 calories per hour in the pool. You want to adopt the most efficient technique designed to make the most of the time spent in the water.

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As we mentioned, swimming is a very low impact activity, and as such will put very little undue stress on the body, however, it is possible to injure yourself while swimming. Therefore, swim sessions should be limited to an hour until you have acquired an idea for how much stamina and endurance you have in this area.

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