Unusual Sports And Fitness Ideas

How Do You Spell “Boring”?

Okay, be honest, exercise is boring, for many of us anyway. Some of us just do not find the idea of walking or pumping weights to be a great way to spend an afternoon. Yet we are told we must if we ever want to get really fit. Is this truly the case?

I firmly believe that you are much more likely to stay with an exercise routine that you enjoy, something that you look forward to doing for an hour or so every day or every other day or whatever your schedule dictates. Sometimes finding something that works means thinking outside the proverbial box in order to find something that appeals to you, both as a recreational activity and a fitness regimen.

Ever considered fencing? A type of swordplay (but far less dangerous), fencing provides a decent mix of endurance, balance, precision, and strategy, and something that has appeal for both athletes and chess players. It incorporates a great one on one combative approach, with challenges for both body and mind. Fencing offers great exercises for hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and overall agility, and it provides a good cardiovascular workout for any and all ages.

unusual fitness and sports

How about ultimate Frisbee? This is a great activity for folks who love the outdoors and have decent hand eye coordination. It is often played in teams, which means a lot of cooperation among members, but also the chance to get your whole body moving through running, catching, and passing. There are a lot of jumps and rapid direction changes that can be tough on the knees, and injuries are quite common, but if you are careful, ultimate Frisbee can be challenging and a lot of fun.

Spicing Up Your Fitness Life

Okay, cardio boxing…..sometimes it’s good to just wail away on a large heavy object that isn’t going to fight back.  You can project anyone you want on that heavy bag…..your ex wife, the disagreeable boss, and you might be surprised at just how much energy you can work out on them in a short amount of time.  Cardio boxing is great for folks who enjoy competing with themselves and pushing themselves to the next level, and it provides an excellent cardiovascular and full body workout.  Cardio boxing classes are readily available at most local fitness clubs.

If you’ve ever thought about getting into martial arts, the good news is that you don’t have to be a kid to get started and be good at it. Pick the style that suits you, either hard elements like kicking or punching, or a softer approach that redirects your opponent’s force, as well as a technique that works. Then enjoy the benefits such as lowered blood pressure, increased stamina, and healthier joints. Increased balance, flexibility, and strength are additional pluses.

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