What Fitness Equipment Is Best For Burning Fat

Fitness Equipment Leasing And Choices

With a disproportionate percentage of Americans solidly in the overweight category, it is no wonder that many folks look at fitness programs and equipment for one purpose and one purpose only, the burning off of all that fat we have managed to collect over the years.  Depending on the shape you are in, there are a number of options available to you for the pursuit of this goal.

When starting out, choose a regimen and a machine that lets you work at a moderate intensity and with minimal impact, the goal being to build strength, stamina and endurance that will allow you to increase your calorie burn. The best method is to work longer, not harder, at this. Machines that build resistance will help you increase muscle mass, and those who are in excellent shape can use machines that add sprint training.

For most beginners, the treadmill is the most common sense option, easy to use, but doesn’t offer much in the way of upper body training. Dumbbells added to a brisk walk may increase the benefit of a low impact workout.  Universal gyms are another excellent choice for beginners, as they allow for numerous combinations of weights, resistance training, and other methods designed to get the most fitness bang for the buck.  Ellipticals offer the better workout than a treadmill as long as they come with arm poles. Rowing machines provide a full body, non impact workout, complete with appropriate resistance, and upright exercise bikes allow the use of dumbbells or pedals for added resistance.

Most people have one fitness goal….to get rid of the fat.

Intermediate fitness buffs can use all of the above, but may want to graduate to jogging on the treadmill, making the workout more high impact, as well as choosing heavier dumbbells. Rowing machines are good if you can put in 30 minutes or more, and exercise bikes may be out since they do not provide enough resistance and give limited muscle resistance.

For those in the advanced stages of fitness training, treadmills are still ideal, as they allow for running and sprinting, and increased inclines increase the overall workout experience.  Ellipticals with arm levers may work better than a treadmill for burning fat, and pedaling backward works muscles you will never know you had. Exercise bikes allow you to mix aerobic and sprint training.

Of course you should always consult a fitness trainer before embarking on any fitness regimen, and get the okay from your doctor as well. You want to be sure that you are in shape to take on the added physical stress of a fitness regimen.

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