• Boone Flood posted an update 6 months, 1 week ago

    Being prioritized and becoming your things done on-time can be tough, especially when you’ve got a great deal of autonomy and do not have a boss that directs your ever move. This flexibility can be difficult for people to handle, and the answer to being productive and efficient would be to adopt something that keeps you under control.

    For most people, the initial step is to have a complete set of what you need to get accomplished. When you consider something else or even more work is allotted to you, makes it added to this list so that you don’t have to remember it and possess no risk of forgetting it. Most people have a todo list app but they are missing one critical ingredient: a checklist is most valuable if it is prioritized. Because it needs to be easy to move things around, maintaining your list in the text document on a computer are frequently the easiest. With a long to-do list and no sense of priority, it’s only natural to accomplish the things that are easy at the expense of stuff that are harder but want to get done. The classic example is a task that’s always on your own list but hidden at the bottom until it becomes overdue and stressful.

    Maintaining your to-do list in prioritized form will make you understand what’s easy but optional versus what’s hard but critical, also to put things inside a logical order. When your list is organized, it’s easier to execute too: you don’t have to read along the long list and fret about what’s next. Instead, you don’t need to give yourself any choice because you simply pull the very best item off of the list and take action. Often, and also this works conveniently for the reason that easier but lower priority tasks become “rewards” so you can get harder and priority goals done.