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    Jamfiction Cultivation Online online – Chapter 179 Enhanced Pill Of Concealment aback wooden -p1

    Novel – Cultivation Online –Cultivation Online

    Chapter 179 Enhanced Pill Of Concealment command servant

    “Regardless, allow me to listen to a few of your zither music and songs ahead of I keep. I’m very attracted from your ability in tunes.” Elder Shan then thought to him.

    Yuan elevated his eyebrows at her and reported, “You signify you weren’t specified of their influences?”

    [Effects: In the short term conceals your cultivation bottom by a full kingdom for 15 days]

    ‘He’s already on another stage compared to Disciple Fei! Does he really just understand the zither not lengthy earlier? This really is difficult to think despite the presence of his G.o.dlike abilities. Except if his understanding skill is effective on other items besides farming strategies, which would be beyond heaven-defying…’

    Elder Shan laughed for a second well before transforming to think about Yuan and converse, “Feature me to get a subsequent, Disciple Yuan. I had one thing for you.”

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    “S-She’s asleep?” Fei Yuyan’s eyes widened with jolt.

    Yuan could truly feel his aura exploding outwards right after taking the Pill of Washing.

    ‘I have not sensed this tranquil in many, numerous years…’ Elder Shan believed to herself as she unconsciously dozed away.

    “At any rate, allow me to listen to a number of your zither music before I abandon. I’m very captivated from your skills in songs.” Elder Shan then thought to him.

    “Wonderful, it worked completely.” Elder Shan nodded by using a prideful look on her confront.

    Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre (Gu Long)

    Elder Shan retrieved another tablet and revealed it to him it turned out a precise bright dietary supplement without unique auras or styles on it.

    Elder Shan closed her eye to have the music.

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    ‘He’s already on another levels when compared with Disciple Fei! Does he really just discover the zither not prolonged before? This is really tricky to believe in spite of his G.o.dlike talents. Except his understanding capacity will work on other suggestions besides cultivation strategies, which could be beyond paradise-defying…’

    ‘He’s already on another point compared to Disciple Fei! Managed he really just find out the zither not longer back? This is definitely tough to consider in spite of his G.o.dlike abilities. Except in cases where his understanding power operates on other suggestions besides farming procedures, that would be beyond heaven-defying…’

    After taking the Pill of Detoxification, a notice showed up.

    “T-This is…” Elder Shan’s eyeballs immediately increased only a few moments into Yuan’s effectiveness, as she only found it necessary to see Yuan’s graceful actions and pay attention to the first few tunes remarks to identify his skills.

    Yuan nodded and acknowledged the capsule.

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    [Impressive Capsule of Concealment] [Tier 2] [ Purity: 77%]

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    “Could possibly too since I am already on this page,” Elder Shan nodded.

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    Right after having a deep breathing, Yuan started participating in considered one of Fei Yuyan’s music for the zither.

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    Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

    “You’re destined to be living in this article, as well?” Xuan Wuhan inquired Elder Shan following seeing that she was getting a chair.

    “Uhhh… I…”

    [The impact of ‘Pill of Concealment’ is removed]

    “Anyhow, let me hear a few of your zither music and songs right before I leave behind. I’m very attracted through your ability in tunes.” Elder Shan then thought to him.

    The Nation Behind Prison Bars

    Hearing his words and phrases, Fei Yuyan quickly shook her go and mentioned, “I-It’s okay. Considering the fact that my Become an expert in has come across my zither enjoy often just before and she is mostly here for your speed and agility, you can actually enjoy all by yourself.”

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    “Anyway, allow me to enjoy a handful of your zither audio before I keep. I’m very attracted by your capabilities in audio.” Elder Shan then thought to him.

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