LeaseQ Brand Ambassador Spotlight, Heather Hays of FRS

LeaseQ* is grateful to partner with outstanding foodservice dealers to offer equipment lease financing to their customers. We honor sales reps that have demonstrated a strong commitment to our partnership by distinguishing them as brand ambassadors.

Our latest brand ambassador is Heather Hays, Sales Associate at FRS, Foodservice & Restaurant Supply.

While Heather has only been at FRS for about a year, her experience in the foodservice industry is expansive. Heather got her start 25 years ago working in a restaurant, where she was hired as a server and eventually moved into a management position. Over time, Heather wanted a change but did not want to leave the industry she’d come to love, so she moved into the restaurant equipment dealer side of the business.

Since starting at FRS, Heather has been impressed with how well everyone works together. Even though FRS has four locations, everyone keeps in touch and can always reach out to one another when they need assistance.

While the industry has changed so much since she first entered it, Heather loves that one thing has remained: the hospitality aspect. Heather enjoys assisting restaurant owners looking to outfit their kitchens with new equipment, helping them find the perfect items for their business. Interacting with customers is her favorite part of her role, from helping create new designs to listening to their needs to ensure they get the items that are vital to their operations.

Being able to be a small part of her customers’ journeys gives Heather a lot of pride, and she is grateful to be able to visit many of their locations once they open. She’s particularly looking forward to attending a ribbon cutting for Old Fashioned, a new restaurant opening soon that she’s worked with closely as they’ve been building their new location.

Our own Regional Account Manager, Nick Funk, nominated Heather. “I nominated Heather because she’s been a pleasure to work with in the short time that we’ve worked together. She’s always super responsive and helpful if I need anything from her, and she does a great job setting expectations with customers and making sure that we are always pulling in the same direction on any and all leads. Anytime I reach out to her, she’s always ready, willing and able to get things done for us and the customer, and that goes a long way in helping to maintain the high-level customer experience that we pride ourselves on.”

Thank you for being a fantastic partner, Heather!

Kim Lorang: What career advice would you give someone just starting out in the foodservice equipment industry?
Heather Hays: To absorb all information as much as possible and don’t be afraid to try new things. Having a strong mentor is key. Watch and listen to other peers. Always ask questions! Go to as many training events as you can—you will always learn something new.

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KL: What is one fun fact most people likely don’t know about you?
HH: I love to tinker around with plants and flowers. I’m getting better at it.
KL: Why did you choose Burtons Grill & Bar as your restaurant to receive a gift card to?
HH: I haven’t been in a long time, and they have gluten-free options, including bread, which is a plus.
KL: How do you think equipment lease financing plays a role in helping your customers get the items they need? How does it help you as a sales rep?
HH: Because it provides a way for them to be able to get all the items that might not have been able to otherwise afford. It helps the customer out and the salesperson. The salesperson doesn’t lose the sale and the customer doesn’t have to go elsewhere and hopefully not online!

It’s a win-win!