How Equipment Leasing Means A Successful Bar In Your Restaurant

A New Neighborhood Pub

Increasingly, more and more restaurants are offering a full service bar as a part of their services, designed to bring in as many additional patrons as possible and subsequently drive up business. This only works however if the bar is efficiently run, and with that in mind, we offer a few recommendations for a successful bar operation in your eating establishment. Through proper equipment leasing and staffing decisions, you can have a very profitable second business venture on your hands.

You have to be responsible, as alcohol affects certain people in certain ways, and your staff needs to know how to serve responsibly, and when to cut someone off  as events warrant. You will also need to be familiar with local laws concerning alcohol, as well as licensing requirements that must be adhered to. This will do much for your reputation in the community as well as seeing to your customers’ safety and health.

Your staff should be properly trained on how to mix and serve drinks.  They should also be friendly and personable, able to converse with and engage your customers.  There should always be a Point Of Sale system located at the bar which will allow you to keep track of customers and orders as well as analyzing sales.


A bar can add atmosphere and appeal to any restaurant.

Your bar should have a signature drink, one that identifies you specifically, and gives folks a reason to visit your bar instead of the one down the road. The bar should be well organized and attractive, grouping beer taps and mixed drink stations in separate places in order to avoid those unfortunate collisions.

Market your specials, with an attractive happy hour menu and a few table tents designed to provide maximum visibility. Creating the appearance of an event will do much to draw folks to your establishment.

Keep it clean. Despite what you see in movies, dirty run down bars are not popular, nor do they attract the clientele that you are wanting. Make it a priority to keep countertops and restrooms clean and shiny.

The Local Watering Hole

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Keep the bar equipment in working order, and have it serviced as per manufacturer’s instruction. Maintain and update your beer draft system, dishwashing setup, and back bar coolers in order to keep things running efficiently.

Change up the drink menu every now and again, since variety is after all, the spice of life. Keep the most popular ones available, of course, but try changing around the B list, on occasion. You might find something else that works just as well or better.  Allow your staff to get a little creative, as this will keep customers interested and get rid of items that are simply not moving.

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