Kitchen Equipment And Supplies Solutions

Opening and running a restaurant takes a lot of time, effort, and mostly money. Making sure that your kitchen is properly equipped with all of the proper equipment that is needed is a high priority. Fortunately, you probably will not need every piece of kitchen equipment you come across, but rather that which is necessary for your restaurant’s unique purpose and mission. It is important, however, to choose long lasting kitchen equipment and supplies that will serve you well while trying to get things up and running.

Among the kitchen supplies needed will be ovens and ranges, both of which are available in a number of sizes and designs to fit any style or space needs and restrictions that you may have. Standard and convection ovens are preferred, but there are also combination ovens that can be helpful if space is a problem. You also need to consider stove top space for a griddle, burner, charbroilers and other tools, as well as a steam table for holding hot food.

Kitchen equipment and supplies are needed to keep any restaurant operating effectively.

You will need quality cookware that is sized for your restaurant’s volume. Stockpots, sauté, and sauce pans will be the mainstay of your kitchen supplies, and so you will want to obtain the best quality material out there. In addition, you will need hotel pans, baking sheets, loaf pans, and braziers, pasta cookers, steamers, and woks.

When talking about kitchen equipment and supplies, we have to mention the prep area, with adequate shelving and the equipment for preparing food such as industrial mixers, food processors, microwaves, and meat slicers, among other big ticket items.

You will require utensils and small wares for your kitchen that include bowls for mixing, cutlery, food scales, spatulas, long handled spoons, juicers, graters, whisks, and peelers. You will also need tubs, cutting boards, salad spinners, and can openers.

Cold storage is a vital component of kitchen equipment and supplies, with refrigeration and freezer capacity dictated by the projected volume of meals to be served.  Walk in freezers are common, however, stand alone units may also be utilized with safety and efficiency.

Kitchen Equipment and Supplies Leasing

When it comes time to purchase, consider leasing kitchen equipment and supplies. Restaurant kitchen equipment leasing can have a significant positive impact on your cash flow and bottom line and  often times you can include supplies up to 20% of the purchase price.  To lease kitchen equipment and supplies ask your restaurant equipment dealer or go to and pre-qualify for restaurant equipment financing.  Its fast, easy and free. Also, because LeaseQ uses soft credit pulls there is no impact on your personal credit score.


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