What Are the Advantages of Leasing and Buying Pre-Owned Restaurant Equipment?

What are the advantages of leasing and buying pre-owned restaurant equipment? If you are a new restaurant owner or have operated one for years, you’ll want to know…

What Are the Advantages of Leasing and Buying Pre-Owned Restaurant EquipmentIf you are a new owner of a restaurant, you may not consider leasing your restaurant’s stove or your restaurant’s professional dishwasher at first blush…but you should.

As a new restaurant owner, you may think purchasing all of your kitchen equipment outright is the way to go. With everything in your restaurant yours to keep all you need to do is use it until you are ready to replace it.

Makes sense right?

Pre-Owned Restaurant Equipment – A Better Option?

An even cheaper option you may be considering is buying pre-owned restaurant equipment  – this can save you tons of money, right?

Not necessarily – and not in all cases. It really all depends on your personal situation and the kind of restaurant you have.

Keep in mind that restaurant equipment gets a lot more usage and wear and tear than the kitchen equipment in your home. So if you buy your restaurant equipment pre-owned, otherwise known as “used” – that lifespan has suddenly decreased even more.

What does this all mean for you?

Since a restaurant runs its equipment far more than a residential kitchen ever would, you may want to consider an even better way to acquire the equipment you need at the financial terms that are most affordable to you. If you lease your kitchen equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright, you will likely save even more money, get new equipment that has a long lifespan and get finance terms that are extremely favorable.

However – a hybrid between the two is leasing pre-owned restaurant equipment. You may be able to save money over brand new equipment, get the equipment you want and enjoy the many benefits of leasing and financing at the same time.

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You may not get as much life out of pre-owned equipment versus if you leased it new, but you may be able to save a few bucks. For many restaurant owners, leasing pre-owned equipment is a good middle ground between a straight cash purchase and leasing brand new equipment.

Here are some reasons as to what are the advantages of leasing and buying pre-owned restaurant equipment are below.

What Are the Advantages of Leasing and Buying Pre-Owned Restaurant Equipment?

There are a lot of great advantages to leasing pre-owned equipment instead of buying those items in full. Let’s look over some of these great advantages for you and your business:

Saving Start Up Cash

Starting and running a restaurant business is no easy task, and it requires cash to keep operations running smoothly. If you are looking to conserve cash and save as much money as possible, then leasing your equipment is the best solution. When you lease the equipment, instead of paying all of your money out front, you’ll pay for the use of that equipment over a certain amount of time – meaning that you will saving a lot more start of cash that you could use on other important restaurant needs.

For example, instead of doling out $3,500 for a brand new dishwasher, you can save the money and use it for something else like your first food order, or your first week of payroll.

Best Rates and Terms

By leasing pre-owned restaurant equipment, your business will be able to receive the best rates and the best terms for all pre-owned restaurant equipment. Leasing companies often provide the most competitive pricing on the restaurant equipment market, and its benefits are really gaining in popularity across the country.

Simple Product Replacement

If you buy your pre-owned restaurant equipment, when your equipment breaks for some reason or if it simply does not work anymore, it’s up to you to fix it. But if you lease, you call the leasing company and they come and fix it for you.In some cases, you can simply trade in your broken piece of equipment and the lending company will simply send you a replacement. It is as easy as that – and you can focus your attention on other important tasks to keep your restaurant humming along.

Upgrades Are Easy

On top of replacing equipment that is broken, when you lease your pre-owned restaurant equipment, you can also replace any equipment that is out of date. Whenever you feel you are ready for an upgrade, you can simply upgrade your equipment – and you will always be up to date with the latest restaurant technology. In using the best equipment, but it will ensure that your customers are getting the best service – leveraging th latest technology to keep your restaurant running as efficiently as possible.

Restaurant Equipment with Short Life Spans

There are certain pieces of restaurant equipment that have short life spans, and because of these shorter life spans, you may want to consider leasing that equipment new instead of purchasing it or leasing it pre-owned. If this equipment is constantly breaking down, you’ll save yourself the hassle of having to replace it.

Some pieces of restaurant equipment which have very short life span pieces include: ice machines, coolers, dishwashers, and coffee makers.

Leasing Is Not Limited to Mechanical Equipment

What you may not be aware of is the fact that leasing equipment is not just limited to mechanical equipment. You are also able to finance other essential restaurant materials. These materials include the following:

Table linens, dish rags, uniforms for the staff (cooks, mostly), and floor mats.

Some special lenders will also specialize in various other linens for the restaurant, which is very essential because it can be a lot cheaper to send the restaurant laundry out than it is to pay your staff to clean it for you.

Essentials That You Should Know About Leasing and Financing

The mission of any equipment leasing and financing company is to make it a lot easier for your business to utilize the equipment that you need to start or grow your restaurant. In addition to simplifying the steps involved in starting and growing your business, financing your equipment is an extremely fast way to get what you need.

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