Fitness Basics Part 1

lease-fitness-equipmentsThe Benefits Of Fitness

We all would like to be more fit, but if you are normal, you find that life has a habit of getting in the way of even our most noble fitness intentions. Is it really possible to launch a fitness routine that actually works? Something that is beneficial and doesn’t consume a disproportionate part of our everyday routine?

Well, there are a few things that you can do to get started toward your fitness goals, so many in fact, that we will have to continue them in a later blog entry. But for now, let’s get started on the basics:

Make exercise a part of your routine. Fitness should be a part of your day, not an addition to it. Just as you set aside time for meals, sleep, work, etc, set aside time for exercise. Do it daily, do it diligently, and before long, it will become an ingrained habit. If you can manage to do something regularly for about 30 days, chances are it will become almost second nature.

Know that it is okay to act in your best interests. Too many people view fitness as self indulgent or self serving. This is a mistake. Give yourself permission to exercise and become the best possible you that you can be. Me time only serves to benefit your sense of well being and enthusiasm for life. If you are feeling sluggish or unfit, you won’t have the energy you need to take proper care of your family.

Set goals that you can reach.  Your fitness program and your lifestyle need to go hand in glove. If there is something that you feel absolutely miserable doing, then don’t do it. There are plenty of exercise options out there for you to sink your teeth into, activities that you will enjoy that will also bring about great benefit in your life, body, and mind. If you like being outdoors, then concentrate on those activities that can be done outdoors. If you’re an indoor person, then perhaps a gym membership is for you.

The Reward Of Fitness

Don’t go it alone. Hire on a personal trainer or partner up with a workout buddy. Trainers bring expertise and experience to the table, while a workout buddy is simply there for support, and the both of you may end up pushing each other to greater and loftier fitness goals. Having a partner also means accountability, which means that you are less likely to skip out on exercise sessions. With a trainer, you will be out money that you have already spent, and none of us enjoy doing that.

Focus on the goal. Working out is work, no doubt about it. Most of us would rather kick back and watch TV than head to the gym. We also see the results we get from our inactivity. You have to commit to the program, determine the goal in your mind, and then work diligently to do what you have to do to get there.  Solid exercise programs can help you prevent all manner of problems, from cancer and heart disease to obesity and stroke, plus many more.

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