Fitness Trends for 2013

We’ve all heard the phrase “that is sooooo last year”, and when it comes to fitness, the mantra applies. What was popular in 2012 may not continue to be popular in the coming year, while some fitness regimens may actually enjoy continued and greater success. So what are the top fitness trends for the new year, and how do they play a part in your fitness program?

Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals are expected to continue to be in high demand, with jobs in this field rising faster than for any other occupation.

Strength training remains the number two trend for a second year, as it is not restricted to body building, and allows for most anyone to incorporate some form of weight training to improve or maintain their muscle mass.

Body weight training uses minimal equipment and includes such basic drills as push ups, pull ups, planks, and squats. There is little if any monetary outlay for a fitness plan based around body weight training.

Child obesity programs continue to be in high demand, aimed at the problem of young people with serious weight problems. Schools are also partnering with commercial and community based physical activity programs to work on the prevention of rising childhood obesity rates.

Exercise and weight loss continues to trend, with the most popular diet plans including some form of of exercise to enhance and encourage weight loss.

Fitness for older adults is something new that many fitness clubs are adopting for an aging baby boomer generation. Age appropriate exercise is a niche that is quickly being filled by more and more fitness professionals.

Personal trainers are also in high demand, with more of them becoming more accessible in a variety of settings, such as the corporate world, community programs, and medical fitness regimens.

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Functional fitness is defined as the use of strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power, and endurance in order to better perform the tasks associated with daily living. This is an exercise practice popular among older adults, and fits in quite nicely with many of the older adult fitness programs.

Core training involves, what else, the core or mid section of your body, and the use of balance balls or wobble boards is used for this type of conditioning.  This improves the stability for daily activities as well as sports performance.

Group training is ideal for budget conscious clients, as personal trainers often provide service for small groups at considerable discounts.

So there you go, the wave of the future for fitness in 2013. Take steps today to begin to improve your overall wellness condition and work to improve yourself for your peace of mind as well as for those that you love.

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