LeaseQ Brand Ambassador Spotlight, Megan Adams of C Worth Superstore

LeaseQ* is grateful to partner with outstanding foodservice dealers to offer equipment lease financing to their customers. We honor sales reps that have demonstrated a strong commitment to our partnership by distinguishing them as brand ambassadors. Our latest brand ambassador is Megan Adams, General Manager at C. Worth Superstore.

While working at the family business was never a dream Megan had growing up, she is thrilled that it has become her reality. “It is a privilege to be able to be in a position where I can take over the company so that my dad can retire,” shares Megan.

Megan’s dad purchased C. Worth, which has been operating since 1954, in 1996. Megan recalled growing up visiting job sites with her dad. She has been on the payroll for about three years now; during COVID she decided to help with the business, and she enjoyed her time there so much she decided to make it permanent.

Prior to that, Megan got a degree in business and enjoyed her time as a professional ballet dancer. She danced at the Loyola Ballet in New Orleans and spent four months dancing in Australia. She also spent time teaching ballet.

In the years she’s been at C. Worth, Megan’s dancing experience has surely come in handy as she’s had to stay on her toes dealing with all of the issues that have plagued the industry recently. “All of the issues COVID brought, supply chain issues, labor shortages… I’ve gotten so much experience in a short amount of time,” explains Megan. She’s thankful that the business has been around for so long that keeping it running successfully is like maintaining a well-oiled machine.

“No day is ever the same here, and I enjoy that,” Megan says. “I am challenged to think critically every day, which is great because I love problem-solving.”

Like so many that enter the foodservice industry, Megan quickly fell in love with the industry and the people in it. “Our industry feels small, even though it is very big,” Megan explains. “ It’s always great to attend conferences and see friends you’ve made. So many dealers are family-owned like ours, which I think is really great. We have amazing customers and it’s fun to work with different people on different projects.”

C. Worth has a staff of about 25 people, most of which have been with the company for 10+ years. Megan is proud of that number, and explains that having that tenure brings a lot of knowledge to their team that can be shared with customers. “It sounds cliché, but we really do pride ourselves on helping people make their dreams a reality. We do design work, so we’re able to draw out the projects and our customers can see their ideas come to life in front of their eyes. It’s really fun to be able to watch their dreams come true!”

In addition to their team learning from one another, they invest in a lot of continuing education for their team. “The industry is constantly changing,” Megan says. “We need to change with it.”

While Megan “never in a million years” would have dreamed of running C. Worth, she’s excited for her future there. “I look forward to continued growth. Growing our staff, growing our design work down the road, perhaps exploring e-commerce one day. We will always be a cash and carry business; we have a lot of customers in the area that depend on us to supply them with what they need. We will always stay true to our roots.”

Megan is a wonderful proponent of equipment lease financing. “It is a great alternative for customers, and we’ve had incredible success in offering it. LeaseQ’s process is simple, and they’re fast and honest. We didn’t offer any financing for a while, mainly because we weren’t sure how to pitch it. Now that we’ve added it to our offerings, it’s been great! It’s a helpful tool for our sales team and our customers.”

“We’ve had several that have benefited from financing. One in particular comes to mind was a couple who came in and just took over ownership of a marina. They had some structural work to do on the facility, and obviously prioritized. We were looking at some options, and I mentioned financing to them. This was actually the first financing experience with Jeshua and I was super pleased with how easy the process was and how much fun it was to work with Jeshua- he’s been a great partner as well!”

When she isn’t working, you can often find Megan volunteering in her community. She’s a Chapter Advisor for a Sorority at the University of Kentucky where she oversees about 300 18-22 year old women. She’s also a Junior League member.

In addition to her love of dance, she also enjoys scuba diving; she just returned from a scuba trip to Honduras.

KL: What three traits do you think are most important in a Sales Rep when it comes to customer service?
MA: Listening, and most importantly, listening to understand and not to respond.
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
Good Attitude- someone who has good days with a few bad moments!

KL: What advice would you give someone just starting out in the foodservice industry?
MA: Buckle up, buttercup! (Kidding). FE&S is always involving and changing. It’s also an industry where creative minds can really flourish, especially when it comes to the design portion; also, it’s a privilege to be trusted to take a client’s dream and vision and make them into a reality! With that said, staying in the know and always maintaining a teachable mindset can make you soar ore tank you – never pass down a chance for a continuing ed seminar, a conference, or any tutorials on engineering or use of equipment!!!! Last thing to note, mistakes, failure and rejection is part of the game when it comes to FE&S sales- resiliency and ability to think through solutions to a problem with a good attitude mixed with some humor will always allow you to win in the end, no matter what happens along the way!

KL: Why did you choose Carson’s as your restaurant of choice? If you’ve been there before, what is your favorite dish and why do you love it, or if it’s somewhere you’ve never been, what made you choose it?
MA: Carson’s is an iconic staple in Lexington, KY. I also love supporting restaurants that promote Kentucky Proud Products! (

Thank you, Megan, for being a great partner!

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