#BehindYourBusiness – What goes into a moving business?

When it comes to moving, we can all agree that the process is a bit of a hassle. Residential and commercial moves require heavy amounts of manual labor and in some cases significant miles of travel, so moving companies are a necessity.

Starting a moving company is no simple feat. A multitude of decisions must be made in regard to the type of moving your company will perform, how far you will travel and how much you can move. The company must secure trucks, shelving equipment and hauling equipment, such as pads, dollies, etc.


Deciding on trucks is one of the most important choices a moving company will make. They must determine if they will have one type of truck or multiple sized trucks, how many and which vendor to purchase them from. In an industry with over 4,400 individual dealerships, that decision becomes even more daunting.

We recognized this opportunity and set out to create the first automated equipment leasing and finance platform for the commercial truck industry, TruckQ. With this platform, companies of all sorts can find the specific type of truck they need, with financing options that fit their unique needs and capabilities. We break down the multitude of dealer options in the industry and provide companies with only the ones that provide the trucks they require.

For moving companies, trucks are the most important piece of equipment, but finding the right fleet shouldn’t weigh down the operation! For more information on TruckQ, please visit: https://www.leaseq.com/truckq